Production and Presentation


The National Center for Dance Bucharest has been an extensive space of intersections between arts since its establishment, a platform that has presented countless contents and formats. Continuously, in addition to the dance and performance shows which are our main object of activity, we aim at hosting content that is still looking for its form, different types of hybrids, but also theatre performances, concerts, movies and other events.

Launch party for the Academy of Dance and Performance

Opening event

'Embodying Archives' presentations & open talks

With Ioana Marinescu, Hanna Gillgren, Corina Cimpoieru and Iulia Mărăcine

Dance of Urgency

Lecture Bogomir Doringer

Choreomania: Scenes of Ecstasy and Revolt

Lecture Kélina Gotman

Challenging the Genres, Producing a Dance Film

Case study with Anda Ionescu & Simona Deaconescu