The National Center for Dance Bucharest

Mission and history


A vital institution for the development of choreographic culture in Romania, The National Centre for Dance in Bucharest is a unique structure among the performing arts institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Culture.

Created in an authentic way for the support of the independent sector, without an institutional precedent dedicated to Romanian contemporary dance, CNDB is the only public institution of its kind in Eastern Europe and it assumes the mission of developing the choreographic culture in Romania and abroad:

▶ It hosts and produces shows

▶ It creates research programs focused on recovering and documenting the recent history of Romanian dance and develops complex theoretical and practical programs in accordance with current European standards

▶ It organises an artistic education and development program dedicated to both the public at large (EVERYTHING FOR ENDORPHINS/TOTUL PENTRU ENDORFINE) and professionals (the RAP program, the Contemporary dance camp 2018) and it initiated the “CNDB performing arts school for children”, through which it aims to create a multi-layered contemporary dance, body practices and artistic education program

▶ It supports projects in the field of contemporary dance that focus on implementing production and distribution, research, documenting and professional artist development initiatives

Of particular interest to CNDB is its participation in international projects and initiatives and European cooperative networks such as Aerowaves, Dance Roads, and also partnerships with the Romanian Cultural Institute and other Romanian cultural institutions.