Borders. Risks. Emergencies

  • Performative marathon
  • Part of the National Theatre Festival
  • Free entry


Artists and writers from different areas will have an intervention of maximum 10 minutes to speak about an issue they consider urgent for their area of artistic interest.

At a time when the urgency to act and respond to multiple local and global systemic fractures and gaps is becoming increasingly acute, in a present where immediate social and economic realities accentuate the state of prolonged risk for the most vulnerable ones among us, how can we build transformative practices that not only show what is not working in our proximity, but also why it is not working or how we could make it work?

What’s the role that the artistic practices we propose today play?

What tactics do we rely on?

What stories are we coming up with to keep us from giving up on what we’ve set out to do?

What meaning can our words, our reflections, our bodies take on in a world where pro-militarisation discourse dominates, where inequalities are increasingly pressing, in a world where we risk being told, every time we identify an emergency, that another emergency is the emergency?

How do we artistically define our emergencies? Does it help to define them?

What risks do we take every time we call a reality urgent?

The performative marathon is part of the 32nd edition of the National Theatre Festival, which takes place between 5 and 13 November in Bucharest.

Katia Pascariu, Paula Dunker (video), Mihai Mihalcea, Elena Vlădăreanu (video), Mihai Burcea, Vava Ștefănescu, Vera Ion (video), Mihai Lukacs, Miki Braniște (video), Andra Tarara (video), Alexandru Fifea


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