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The National Center for Dance Bucharest has been an extensive space of intersections between arts since its establishment, a platform that has presented countless contents and formats. Continuously, in addition to the dance and performance shows which are our main object of activity, we aim at hosting content that is still looking for its form, different types of hybrids, but also theatre performances, concerts, movies and other events.

Omission Possible at Omnia hall


Conference held by Simona Deaconescu

RAMANENJANA - from research to the stage

Lecture and talk with Simona Deaconescu and Mathilde Monnier


Simona Deaconescu in dialogue with Gaby Saranouffi

house, crisis, danger and (re)organization

Feminist poetry and Sofia Zadar concert

Three-day laboratory - third edition

Interdisciplinary practice and theory laboratory

Three days laboratory

Guests: Florin Fieroiu, Radu Umbreș, Mădălina Dan, Miki Braniște, Mihaela Michailov

Radical Bodies in Contemporary Performances

Book launch
With: Mihaela Michailov, Vava Ștefănescu, Alex Radu, Doru Someșan, Oana Stoica and Gina Șerbănescu

The vulnerability of long-distance bodies

With: Mihaela Michailov, Miki Braniște

Artistic research frames in theater

With: Mihaela Michailov, Miki Braniște

Fluid bodies in contemporary dance

With: Mihaela Michailov, Miki Braniște

Making of Pretend we make you happy (again)

Documentary made by Bogdana Pascal


Directed by: Irina Gâdiuță

Making of 8 days a week

Documentary made by Bogdana Pascal

Making of Outcome

Documentary made by Bogdana Pascal

Arts and crafts

With:: Mădălina Dan, Andreea David, Eliza Trefaș, Eve Cousins,

”The heat was hot and the ground was dry” -

Guests: artists Anca Benera, Arnold Estefan and Professor Florin Stănică, Phd

So Rave That is Staged - Technofields

Hosts: Andreea David, Maria Baroncea

[M]others & What (still) moves us

Curated by: Mădălina Dan, Valentina De Piante

Trepidații/ Antigen/ Ora perfectă

By: Iris Horomnea, Dani Prisacariu, Ceza Bularca

The Protocols

By: Bogdan Georgescu

See You Soon

with Cristina Lilienfeld și Alina Ușurelu

Blue Lagoon. Descentrat

Guests: Samer, Livia Gyongyosi, Alexander Valentine, Rayne O'Plasty, Alina Buzdugan

(In)visible bodies and stories - guided performative tours

With: Denis Bolborea, Catrinel Catană, Simona Dabija, Simona Deaconescu, Paul Dunca/Paula Dunker, Virginia Negru, Andreea Novac, Maria Mora, Valentina De Piante, Arcadie Rusu

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