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TechnoFields. So rave that it is staged
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TechnoFields invites you to:
So Rave That it is Staged

This year, Technofields brings rave and collective dance to the core of its research, as a means of focusing on the city’s abandoned spaces, where major projects fail and where, through their remains, vegetation takes its place, creating heterotopias and new systems with a different space and time.

In the courtyard of the National Center for Dance there is a Ghetto Palm tree, recognized in Bucharest as a symbol-signal of space that belongs to no one. The Ghetto Palm tree is an extremely invasive and resistant Asian species. Nothing can grow in its shade, because it forms an acidic soil. We assume that the tree was there before the institution occupied the place. Here, the state institution set its entrance around it, thus protecting and investing it with the status of the courtyard tree.

With the help of a specialized device, Sillyconductor will take over and process the electrical impulses of the tree, which he will then transform into musical notes, rhythm, bass and arpeggios, essential elements of electronic dance music, thus creating a self-sustaining generative system.

We will dance the nature of the tree, which together with Sillyconductor’s nature creates and composes a party with plants and people. As techno dance demands an urgency of the present, could we speak of an urgency of nature?

Historically, raves and collective dances took place on the fringes of society, in abandoned buildings, claiming a space of tolerance, inclusion and freedom of expression. Through the collective dance gatherings, people overcame, at least for a while, the differences of class, race and gender, temporarily outlining a common horizontal space, alternative to the hierarchical one of society. To what extent do today’s raves and collective dance meetings still have the power to claim such a space?

From the yard we will proceed to the Black-Box for a Sinister Exaggerators DJ set.

Enrolled, for more than seven years, in a self-imposed confinement caused by the abrupt changes of the local dance scene condition, the Sinister Exaggerators collective will, surprisingly enough, mix at the happening party So Rave That It Is Staged. A sporadic explorer of theatrical formulas, of self-representation and mixing, the Bucharest duo became almost famous in certain circles for establishing elective affinities between dance music, whichever kind it may be, and a particular inclination towards exaggeration.

So Rave that it is Staged is a party staged in various rave formulas, which brings to the fore front collective forms of dance, as a means of celebrating the community.

We invite you to dance non-stop. Every movement is a dance, every gesture is a dance, every word is a dance.

You may come equipped with presences, movements, schemes, dance and costumes. Dressed in the unrecognizable, maybe we will dissolve in the landscape, in our own identity or that of the other next to us.

The National Center for Dance Bucharest (CNDB) offers you a meeting space where differences such as age, social status, training, knowledge and experience are being suspended, and dance becomes the binder that aims at bringing very different types of people together. “Courtyard Dances” is a project in which the yard of CNDB’s location on Mărășești Blvd. is rearranged to host over 40 artists who will propose events that range from ​​contemporary dance and performance to live music, visual arts and poetry.

IMPORTANT: Access to the event is free and is based on the latest regulations on safety measures against SARS-CoV-2. Participants must present their identity card and the EU COVID-19 Digital Certificate (Green Pass), which must contain: either proof of vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 virus for which 10 days have passed since the completion of the vaccination scheme with an authorised vaccine in Romania; or proof that it is in the period between the 15th and 180th day following confirmation of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection; or proof of the negative result of an RT-PCR test, not older than 72 hours.

Hosts: Andreea David, Maria Baroncea

Co-financed by
Administration of the National Cultural Fund
The project does not necessarily represent the position of The Administration of the National Cultural Fund. The Administration of the National Cultural Fund is not responsible for the content of the project or the manner in which the results of the project may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the funding recipient.

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