• Political Theatre Platform
  • Free entrance

90 min.


RAFINA is the exploratory return to a subjective, nostalgic time. And it’s the tender look back to an indistinct, sharp, painful past. The show investigates, in poetic territory, the principle of neuronormativity, on which the belief that neurodivergence/ neurodiversity is a deviation from the norm, an anomaly, is based, and on which a whole set of socio-cultural practices that marginalize, diagnose, institutionalize non-conforming minds are founded.

Directed by: Irina Gâdiuță
Text: Bogdan Georgescu
Scenography: Andreea Grigore
Music: Maria Balabaș, Teo Retegan
Stage movement: Carmen Coțofană
Documentation assistance: Patricia Marina Toma
Visual artist: Viorel Petric
Directing assistance: Ioana Manciu
Graphics: Cătălin Rulea

Irina Artenii, Maria Balabaș, Alexa Dragu, Carmen Lopăzan, Cătălina Oance

The performance RAFINA is part of the project Perifeeria – Political Theatre Season 2021-2022, which aims to facilitate access to culture and develop the capacity of (self)representation through theatre for socially, economically and culturally marginalized groups and categories. RAFINA is created in partnership with the County Museum of History and Art – Zalău and the high schools of the city of Zalău. The research and documentation theme is the inclusion of non-typical people with special educational needs and autism spectrum disorders in small towns in Romania.

Project funded by EEA Grants 2014 – 2021 under the RO-CULTURE Programme.

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