The CNDB Awards Gala took place at the Odeon Theatre. Find out who the winners are in 2023!

The CNDB Awards Gala took place at the Odeon Theatre. Find out who the winners are in 2023!

The National Center for Dance Bucharest

As every year, the CNDB Awards offer a special platform to celebrate the talents that shape and enrich the choreographic culture in Romania. This year’s winners Maria Luiza Dimulescu, Laura Trocan, Virginia Negru and Adnana Cruceanu were recognized for their excellence, passion and professionalism in the field of dance, thus contributing to the promotion of contemporary art in society.

The ceremony, which took place at the Odeon Theatre as part of the Iridescent Festival, was followed by the performance Mercedes mais eu, presented with the support of the Cervantes Institute in Bucharest.

Beyond any hierarchies, the CNDB Awards celebrate the value of the art of dance and its impact on society.

Maria Luiza Dimulescu

Maria Luiza Dimulescu is a dancer with a special sensibility, deeply exploring the nuances of themes and subjects in a distinct way. With a remarkable presence, Maria Luiza is dedicated to a deep understanding of the context in which she performs and brings an added value to the artistic universe. Passionate about travel, she also explores the area of dance film with talent.

Laura Trocan

With over 10 years’ experience as an independent producer for cultural projects, Laura Trocan stands out for her remarkable dedication. She has been involved in successful projects, contributing to the development of the contemporary dance community. Laura is a person of exceptional quality, a reliable producer and a supporter of the arts in all its forms.

Virginia Negru

Virginia Negru, a distinct playful spirit on the Romanian dance scene, was awarded for her contribution over the years to collaborative processes and the creation of artistic communities. Initiator of research labs and artistic director of the International Contact Improvisation Festival – Contact Bucharest Festival, Virginia is a mature and committed performer.

Adnana Cruceanu

With 10 years of experience in the cultural field, Adnana Cruceanu is a communications expert, public relations specialist and producer. Coordinator of the Communication, Marketing and Public Relations Department at the National Centre for Dance Bucharest, Adnana has brought a new spirit and consistent support to the team.

The National Center for Dance Bucharest congratulates the winners and thanks them for their substantial contribution to the promotion and development of dance in society.

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