Some Choreographies – workshop

Workshop held by Jacopo Jenna
  • Free entry based on registration

June 15

© Jacopo Jenna


The workshop is a playful exploration of choreographic composition through a dance video archive.

Starting from the material of the performance Some Choreographies and taking our cue from the embodiment of a set of images (photographs and videos), we will be using them to explore various exercises in imitative interaction, generating various different forms of movement qualities and of representation of the body. 

Jacopo Jenna is a choreographer, performer and filmmaker creating stage works, video pieces, and installations. The works are oriented towards research concerning the perception of dance or choreography as an extended practice generating a variety of performative context to reframe the body in relationship with movements. He deals with training and educational programs for various age groups experimenting with new ways of relating to performance art. In Europe he has worked with dance companies, choreographic research projects and various artists like Jacopo Miliani, Caterina Barbieri, Roberto Fassone, Ramona Caia, Bassam Abou Diab. His projects are produced and supported by spazioK/Kinkaleri. His work participated to festivals and venues including Centrale Fies Dro, Virgilio Sieni, MART Museum Rovereto, Contemporanea Festival Prato, Pépinières européennes pour jeans artistes / Young Video Creation, Palazzo Strozzi Firenze, Pecci Center for Contemporary Art Prato, Fabbrica Europa Firenze, CROSS International performance award, Short Theatre Rome, Danae Festival Milan, Dansem Marseille, Bipod Festival Beirut, Palazzo Grassi Punta della Dogana Venice, Chantiers d’Europe – Théâtre de la Ville Paris, Do Disturb – Palais de Tokyo Paris, Mudam Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg.

The workshop is intended for professionals in dance, performance, theater. The participation is free and we reserve the right to select participants based on your resume / portfolio. The results of the selection will be announced on June 3. Registration form here.

Special mentions

The workshop given by Jacopo Jenna takes place in the context of presenting the performance Some Choreographies at CNDB. The performance is one of the 20 works selected in the Twenty22 program of the European contemporary dance network Aerowaves, of which CNDB is part together with similar institutions from Portugal, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Russia, Iceland, Ireland, and others.

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