HazarDance presents “About you (a version)” in Iasi within Romanian Creative Week

HazarDance presents “About you (a version)” in Iasi within Romanian Creative Week

On 23 May, at the “Uzina cu Teatru” of the National Theatre in Iasi, the performance “About you (a version)” by Vava Ștefănescu, presented by HazarDance will be shown within the Romanian Creative Week.

The show was created 25 years ago and was a choreographic solo of contemporary dance, accompanied at the time by live electric guitar, which premiered in 1997 at the Atelier Hall of the National Theatre in Bucharest. Subsequently, it has taken various forms: the performers have been multiplied, the performance spaces have been changed, even going as far as an experimental performance in a grocery store and even an attempt at a radio dance performance.

In 2023, Vava Ștefănescu revisits this work, calling it About you (a version) and is working on staging it again with performers Diana Solomon and Cătălin Munteanu. It is therefore a completely new performance, which opens up the following four themes: Child, Street, Home, Love, for the two performers (Diana Solomon and Cătălin Munteanu) and the audience alike, and (perhaps) questions human identity.

As in the original version of the work, the audience will be invited to vote on the order of the scenes before the start of the performance, with the most votes going to the first of the four scenes: Child, Street, House, Love. The fifth scene, The Horse, is always the last and is an improvisation from the energy built up to that point.

The performance of Vava Ștefănescu’s About you (a version), presented by Hazardance during Romanian Creative Week in Iași, will be a unique experience for the audience and will represent a new form of this internationally recognized work from the 90s.

Between 22 and 25 May 2023, Iasi becomes the capital of dance and creativity at Romanian Creative Week. HazarDance proposes to the public a series of 8 contemporary dance performances (7 productions from Romania and one production from Spain), a street dance competition, two Hip-Hop workshops (adults and children).

More information about the schedule of performances in the link here.

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