I am here still

  • Dance & performance
  • Free entrance
  • Part of ReeDANS

60 mins.


ReeDANS, the East European residency program organized by the National Dance Center Bucharest, continues with the third participant: Bogdan Olarson.

Come see a work in progress of her residency project, for which she works for two weeks under the guidance of Ucrainian choreographer Viktor Ruban.

Residence Project: June – June 21, 2019 | Cluj | “I am here still”
„An invitation to blur, share, redesign, and other possible collective symbioses.A modular experience, species to protect. A shape to extend. I will be here still. In-between spaces, perception and phenomena gravitate; a live herbarium of movements. The project is in collaboration with Iulia Maracine and Ludic Collective.”
(Bogdan Olarson)

Performer and choreographer, Bogdan studies acting at UNATC Bucharest and is currently finishing a master in Interactive Multimedia at the Babes Bolyai University in Cluj. His projects are based on installations, theater and dance and were shown at North Theater (Satu Mare), Eram Girona, the National Dance Center Bucharest, Reactor Theater (Cluj) and Fix Theater (Iasi). During the residency, he questions transpecism and explores the connection between ecology and technology through choreography. 

Bogdan Olarson

The Brush Factory

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Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN)
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