Education and Training


Since 2006 CNDB organizes and hosts practical and theoretical courses and workshops in contemporary dance and art education dedicated to professionals – dancers, choreographers, performers, artists in the field of performing or visual arts – and non-professionals, adults, children and adolescents.

N.B. The events are organized in seasons (from autumn to summer of the following year) and displayed in the reverse order of their publication.

Gestures Blooming Camp

Intensive training camp for contemporary dance teachers

Sizzling Semiconductors - BIDFF #9

Electronic sound workshop
Held by: Ioana Vreme Moser

Wandering with a camera – the body in somatic landscape screendance - BIDFF #9

Screendance masterclass
Held by: Heike Salzer

Everything for endorphins x Street Delivery

Dance workshops for the general public

Dance meets animation

Masterclass held by Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo

Everything for endorphines x Animest

Dance workshops for the general public

Alice Chauchat, Collective Sensations 

Warm-up workshop for Fictions, my body - facilitated by Andreea David

Fictions, my body - Teatre

Workshop facilitated by Adriana Gheorghe

Fictions, my body - Diego Agulló

Workshop facilitated by Diego Agulló, public presentation & lecture

Meet the artist/Sharing practices workshops - Unfold Motion

Free workshops on registration basis

Sparkling Imagination

Coordinated by Horacio Macuacua

Workshop with Viktor Szeri

Coordinated by Viktor Szeri

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