The third edition of Ecosistem International Performing Arts Festival is launched! The festival offers 3 creation grants and launches a national open call

The third edition of Ecosistem International Performing Arts Festival is launched! The festival offers 3 creation grants and launches a national open call

The third edition of Ecosistem International Performing Arts Festival is launched! The festival offers 3 creation grants and launches a national open call.

The Ecosistem International Performing Arts Festival continues in 2024 with its 3rd edition, taking place from 24 August to 1 September in Bucharest, in multiple locations.

An awards edition

Among the few festivals in Romania that are active on the international performativity scene, Ecosistem III is a place for collaborative dialogue between artists, an accelerator dedicated to professionals at the beginning of their career and a platform through which people from all over the world – creators and audiences – meet and enjoy together the variety of current forms of performing arts.

This year, Ecosystem addresses the theme of Public Skin, and opens a political and poetic conversation about identity and autonomy in the context of climate crisis and pandemics, war and migration.

The current edition artistically tenses the phenomenon and proposes a sensitive approach: through the festival programme, Public Skin focuses on vulnerable bodies, reflections on the exteriority of the person and the social ecosystem, courageous approaches and innovative spirit.

Bringing for the first time to Bucharest some of the most outstanding European performance works on the theme of identity and the body, Ecosistem 2024 brings together performances and workshops, workshops and debates, installations and networking sessions, friendly evenings and parties. It is a festival of intersections, of the dynamisation of the city from the periphery to the centre, but also of gestures of compassion towards the differences that make us unique.

Opportunities for artists


In order to facilitate the access of the local performance scene to the global context, Ecosistem opens its programme with two opportunities for artists.Î

Deadline înscrieri: 10 iulie


Fiindcă Ecosistem sprijină deopotrivă rezultatele spectaculare și procesele care iau timp, festivalul înaintează 3 burse pentru profesioniștii emergenți. 

În perioada 1 august-1 septembrie, cei 3 bursieri (sau cele 3 echipe de bursieri) vor beneficia de resurse financiare și mentorat spre a crea un work-in-progress în siajul temei Public Skin

Beneficiarii burselor, în valoare de 500€ fiecare, vor lucra în spațiul partener al Teatrului Luni de la Green Hours și vor avea o reprezentație cu public în 1 septembrie. Formularul de înscriere se regăsește aici.

First, a national open call. By applying with an application form that can be accessed here, artistic teams from all over the country can propose their show to be included in the festival programme.

The selected show will be performed on 25 August at the Masca Theatre, one of Ecosistem’s supporters. In partnership with Masca, Ecosistem is offering the team of the chosen project a remuneration of €1000. The team will be guaranteed rehearsal time on the 24th and 25th, and 2 nights’ accommodation in the theatre’s accommodation facilities, limited to three rooms, if necessary.

Application deadline: 10 July


As Ecosystem supports both spectacular results and time-consuming processes, the festival is advancing 3 scholarships for emerging professionals.

From 1 August to 1 September, the 3 fellows (or 3 teams of fellows) will receive financial resources and mentoring to create a work-in-progress on the Public Skin theme.

The scholarship recipients, worth €500 each, will work in the Luni Theatre’s partner space at Green Hours and have a performance with an audience on 1 September. The application form can be found here.

Ecosystem returns in July with a festival programme and new surprises.

– – –

The Ecosystem Festival is produced by the Sangri-La Artistic Ground Association.

Partners: UNICAT & co, Masca Theatre, CREART – Teatrelli, Metropolis Theatre, National Centre of Dance Bucharest, National University of Theatre and Cinematographic Arts “I.L. Caragiale”, Goethe Institut, Liszt Institute – Hungarian Cultural Centre Bucharest, French Institute of Romania, Green Hours, Insula 42, Teatrul Azi – Cultural Foundation “Camil Petrescu”, ACCEPT Association, Beatrice Von Babel, RHEA Artistic Exploration Platform, ETAJ artist-run space, /SAC, The Fool, Apollo 111, OBOR AMOR, Augmented Space Agency, Legal Resources Centre, Residential Centre for the Elderly “Amalia and Chief Rabin Dr. Moses Rosen”, Băneasa Educational Centre, Children’s Club Sector 5, Urban Collectors, Kaya Holistic, Vizurești Popular Research and Documentation Centre, Bright Future Autism Centre.

Main media partners: ELLE, Happening, Observator Cultural, The Institute, Să fiți cuminți.

The project is co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration. The project does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how the results of the project may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the grantee.

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