Love me for five minutes

  • Dance & performance
  • Free entry by reservation

60 min.


“Love me for five minutes” is about the impact of the absence of a father figure and the affection we need to fill an inner void. The show highlights the family relationship which then influences a person’s social dynamics. Among the themes addressed in the construction of the show are memory, family, unconsciousness and abandonment.

“Love me for five minutes” is an urge to pay more attention to the gestures that make us feel loved.

Concept and choreography: Teodora Tudose
Concept and distribution: George Pleșca, Sergiu Diță, Andrei Cristea, Teodora Tudose
Music: Sarah Mitrofan
Costumes: Valentin Teodorescu
Light design: Nicoleta Ivan
Coordinating teachers:: lect.univ.dr. Andreea Duță and lect.univ.dr. Elena Zamfirescu

Special mentions

Participation is free within the limit of available seats. For reservations please send an e-mail to , specifying: name of the person you are booking, number of reserved seats, contact number.

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