Fictions, my body – Andreea David & Cosmina Moroșan

  • Dance & performance

120 min.


We are interested in the ways in which embodied presence generates word, and word generates new embodiment, challenging experiences and opening up new worlds, constantly shaping the perspectives and conventions in which we fit. What are the different roles that language accompanied by the body can acquire or access, from everyday speech to performance on stage, from language that fixes to language as potentiality? What do we become when we speak?

The invited artists and performers propose possible ways of working in the company of language, beyond illustration, by staking on the tension between representation and corporeality and on new alliances. We invite artists who use language ‘against’ language in one way or another into our dialogue.

The framework proposed and organized by Andreea David and Eliza Trefas, took shape as a result of their choreographic research started at the beginning of the year in the new CNDB production Fictions, my body (developed in the form of two 2 solo works, Where do I stay when I throw my word & Wor(l)ds).

This framework fulfills their desire to bring several artists and artists into dialogue, thus expanding the research theme by getting to know each other’s practice and their multiple approaches.

Presentations will take place every Wednesday in November.
23 November: Andreea David, Where do I remain when I throw my word and Cosmina Moroșan with Anticorp Solar, Enunciations, trajectory counters

Andreea David, Where do I remain when I throw my word

I’m where I throw my word, or somewhere behind it, searching for my soul. I am actually where my attention is. Or, things stay said and I see myself somewhere behind them. Where do I remain when I throw my attention?
I am concerned with the relationship between language and corporeality and the way the spoken word pre-forms and forms in the affectivity of the body and in the relationship with the other. I am looking for the relationship between presence and the sound manipulated by the voice that emanates it and which in turn moves the inhabitation of the body. If sound is space, what is the distance between the body and the subject it addresses and how does this distance reverberate back into the enunciator?
A production of the National Center for Dance Bucharest 2022.
Duration: 35 min

Cosmina Moroșan / Anticorp Solar,
Enunciations, trajectory counters

The rare statement is borderline imperceptible, it’s a flicker on (from) the black-box background. The utterances draw after themselves accumulations of gesture-movement, drawn together with enthusiastic anonymous, (of) among the phases of individuations (verses, objects, regions of semi-visualized clouds, the imagination of a thought of peace). Theory still works the viscosity of this kind of space and allows itself to be softened by it. “Speech” makes a phosphorescent heaven/earth, with chances to transform the realm of the spirit. It intermittently cooperates in the activity of materiality. It works with an inner box of a center, which always seems to be in another body. Viewed from the satellite, it’s covered with about five textures, pale tiles, tile outlines, diagonal shafts. “La sol e o Columbie în rigle naive.”


Andreea David is a choreographer and performer. Since 2013 she has been creating her own solo works (‘Nude as a brunette woman’ or ‘I am just about…’) and collaborating with other artists from Romania or abroad presenting performances on stages in Romania, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden , Norway, Italy or South Korea. In 2019, she creates the show Techno Transa Body Beats. In 2020, she continues research with Maria Baroncea and other artists at TechnoFields, investigating forms of collective dance with the potential to create temporary symbiotic communities of human or nonhuman bodies, concepts, technologies, rhythms, and surrounding natures. In 2020, she received the CNDB Award for his contribution to contemporary dance.

Cosmina Moroșan works with poetry and performative art (movement and text), operating through philosophy as risked intensity / affective virtuality / possibility of forging encounters. In 2017, she publishes the poetry volume Beatitude (political essay) and in 2021 she completes her PhD thesis To feel Deleuzian. Schizanalising experimental literary practices. She lives and investigates territories between cities / provinces, between concepts / sensations, preferring practices formulated in open micro-teams (since 2018 she collaborates with Anticorp Solar). Between 2016 and 2022 she performs in spaces in Bucharest such as: ODD gallery, Tranzit, Salonul de Proiecte, National Center for Dance Bucharest, Anca Poterașu Gallery, Cabinet 44/ Atelierele Malmaison.

Anticorp Solar works in the visual, sound (field recordings, acoustic actions) and performative media with a concern for text (notes, plural etymology). In his practice he traverses the concept of the vitality of ludic space, populated by entity-events: objects (congregations of photons, cracks and streaks), inter-beings (thinking with AND) and micro-noises (derailed iterations, asymmetries at the mantle).

Special mentions

The works presented will be followed by artist talks.

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