Bodies e-motions

Workshop held by Mădălina Dan

Monday, June 19, 16:30 -19:30


The choreographic exploration workshop held by Mădălina Dan focuses on:

  • the link between emotion, physicality, gestures, gestures, memory and vocal, facial and verbal expression.
  • working with effort, with physical and emotional limits and intensities, with bodily and gestural stereotypes.
  • working with contradiction and contrast both emotionally and physically; (combining and superimposing qualities of movement and opposing states – working with inertia, forces of attraction and repulsion, weight and lightness, tension-relaxation, construction-deconstruction, resistance-fragility, balance-unbalance, stable-unstable, order-disorder, sadness-joy, anger-calmness, enthusiasm-pleasure, laughter-pleasure, ugly-beautiful, superficiality-functionality).
  • the mind-emotion/psychic-body link: working on a (de)-formed, (de)-articulated, (de)-corporalised, (un)-cosmeticised mind-emotion-body, which affirms/denies its cultural, educational, societal baggage.
  • working in groups to explore a common body, an extended body, made up of individualities, dynamics and affective subjectivities, e-motion (movement) bodies, responding to the realities of the inner/outer world differently, within the same body.

Workshop held by Mădălina Dan for the students of the National University of Theatrical and Cinematographic Arts “I.L. Caragiale” in Bucharest (UNATC).

The workshop is a framework for exploring the tools used in the Patosphere project.

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