Of Body and Words

Workshop with Valentina De Piante Niculae

Saturday, October 26 at 11:00


The National Dance Center Bucharest returns to Timisoara and invites you to a contemporary dance workshop, coordinated by Valentina De Piante Niculae!

Valentina de Piante:

“Sometimes, when I need to write about a workshop, I cannot find the right words. Sometimes the body doesn’t really need letters, because it knows more than language and knows that words often tell lies that are hard to believe.
The language of the body is different.

You will begin by patiently waiting for a signal, maybe a feeling of emptiness, helplessness, conflict with others or even yourself. Can be a movement that creates a certain sensation and the body starts building its own language.

We will work with the material brought to the surface by the body, a material of movements… these, only these, give birth to words, which the body believes, sensations not grasped until now, images, maybe the need to create a vibration inside the body through your limbs, a growing necessity.

We will discover the way a conscious body is increasingly creative and how a sensitive body gives birth to ideas and themes that can be performed. I propose that in my lectures, before anything, we should open a waiting space, a listening space, so that afterwards we create an order in the body, focusing our attention on the basic organization, on the movement schemes and breathing schemes. That is why I start with the Awareness through Movement lessons from the Feldenkrais® method, which are a way of knowing the kinesthetic possibilities, the abilities related to the body and awaken possibilities of moving the bones on several planes. You will work with different movements, with small gestures that become explosive.

Immersing inside the body also means immersing in the subconscious, the organic process that makes the personal imagination concrete.”

The workshop is part of the project CNDB on tour in Timișoara.

Valentina De Piante Niculae is a teacher at UNATC, holding a Ph.D in Theater and Performing Arts, project coordinator, choreographer, researcher and performer. She has ATM and FI expertise in the Feldenkrais® method, a method of reorganizing neuromotor schemes. She teaches choreographic writing laboratories and somatic education, being invited to various universities and pedagogical research platforms. Since 2019, she has been part of the team of choreographers who teach at the CNDB Dance and Performance Academy.

She constantly holds workshops within the Arhipera Association (Architecture on the margins of society) for anyone passionate about conscious movement, self-knowledge and discovering their own potential. Together with the Indie Box team, she wants to create an educational, performative and creative platform about consciousness and body, art and neuroeducation, body space and public space.

She collaborates with the 4 Culture Association, Wasp Studios and the Explore Festival where she presents her performances: Corporis Memoriae (2007), Le Voix de la Mere (2007), The Thing doesn’t Touch Me (2011), Body of Grace (2013 ), MELT (2015).

Participation is free of charge within the available places.
Registrations are made by email at:

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Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN)
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