Laundry of Legends on Death Poetry

  • Dance & performance
  • Hosted event
  • Part of the project Imagine Human

60 mins.


“Laundry of Legends on Death Poetry”

The performance platform “Imagine Human” initiated by Adriana Gheorghe, returns to the National Dance Center with the performance „Laundry of legends | | on death poetry” by Jassem Hindi, Palestinian artist living in Berlin and Oslo.

“Laundry of Legends on Death Poetry” is a performative essay about the death poetry and oracle performance.

“This is a dance and a betrayal of the death poem “Arab Apocalipse” by Eter Adnan. It is not a performative score, it is not a choreographic representation of a text. It is a set of tools to assemble an ephemeral world, to research the fabric of time.

“Laundry of Legends” is a map of haunting, drawn by unsettled hands in their search for the living ones, but of the absent ones as well; on a piece of paper, in the air, at the feet of the audience, making/ invoking imperfect allies: dead archives, rivers, cosmic bodies, dusty roads, the fox.

Jassem Hindi works in performance and sound-art and writing: “My works are formed with nervousness and necessity, and are haunted by the voices of others. Recently, I started to work with the death poetry as a means of aural knowledge for unseen violences, imperceptibles, and some slow revolutions. I study the double connection of haunting: that which travels the unseen emits discrete signals of the influence of the absent. I use, edit, corrupt, celebrate”

“Imagine Human”, or curating contexts regarded as “performative frequencies”, where life and living art can meet in a different manner, leading to new forms of (aesthetic) life crossed multiple concrete spaces in Bucharest, from the Tranzit Gallery, to  National Center for Dance Bucharest, and then to Cristina Vasilescu’s “House with 19 doors”, followed by Anca Poterașu Gallery and back to  National Center for Dance Bucharest.

“Imagine Human” means more than knowledge and multiple spaces and types of attentions (concrete contexts and conventions, continuously changing), but before everything else it is an affective and imaginative space which vibrates inside a permanent group of artists interested in performance and performativity  as a force that transgresses format and perception and imagines new alliances and societies that then open concentrically. They are: Adriana Gheorghe, Anca Bucur, Cosmina Moroșanu, Cristian Nanculescu, Ioana Gheorghiu and Nicoleta Moise. They are in between fields (poetry, choreography, theory, visual arts) and each formulates continuously the common frequency.

by Jassem Hindi

Foto credits
Vlad Brăteanu

National Center for Dance Bucharest, Anca Poterașu Gallery, Beans&Dots, Cristina Vasilescu and tranzit.ro

Organized by
Solitude Project Cultural Association

Co-financed by
Administration of the National Cultural Fund
The project does not necessarily represent the position of The Administration of the National Cultural Fund. The Administration of the National Cultural Fund is not responsible for the content of the project or the manner in which the results of the project may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the funding recipient.

Jassem Hindi’s participation is supported by Anca Poterasu Gallery through the program Residency Plantelor 58.

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