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5 min.

|DIS|CONNECTED - Maria-Luiza Dimulescu & Cătălin Rugină


CNDB ONLINE invites you to watch another dance movie, by Maria-Luiza Dimulescu and Cătălin Rugină. We watch it together, on our Facebook page, on june 2nd, starting 18:30h.


Losing ourselves in the daily turmoil, we wake up one day with the feeling that we have no idea who we really are. 

At that moment you try to re-establish the connection with your body, your own soul with your own mind and so … you become fully aware that reconnecting is not as easy as it seems.

Choreography: Maria-Luiza Dimulescu
Directors: Maria-Luiza Dimulescu, Cătălin Rugină
Director of photography: Cătălin Rugină
Editor: Gabriel Radu
Sound design: Amatis Chifu

Maria-Luiza Dimulescu

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