Miriam Răducanu. Without Expectations

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  • Q&A session

90 min.




Cinema Elvire Popesco - Institutul Francez (Bvd. Dacia, 77)


The documentary film is the result of a meeting between dancer and choreographer Miriam Răducanu and photographer Mircea Albuțiu, who worked together for eight months in 2017 on a jazz theme, inspired by a 1959 Miles Davis video from Robert Herridge’s studio in NY. Fascinated by the figure and gestures of the famous jazzman, Miriam Răducanu sacrifices sleepless nights, sketches characters through her dance, recalls a life of passions and betrayals, and with her last dance, dedicates a ”So what” to the world.

From the beginning, I was terribly surprised by Miles’ look. A fierce gaze, the certainty that he has something important to say, that no one will stop him from conveying what he has to say. Plus, that expression, “So What?”, which to us would translate as “So what if, so what?”. It’s not at all frivolous, it has a deep meaning, which is about human freedom and which suits me very well. “So what”, who cares, who am I accountable to? I dance every day at home, for myself, very rarely have onlookers. So what? I don’t give anyone an explanation, I’m free to do what I want! And I started from the idea of improvising a jazz dance, I’ve been dancing jazz all my life. Miles is so powerful, I wanted to get into that music, I wanted to become the music and the instrument, and for a few seconds I did. I didn’t think for a moment that I would dance it, I wanted to do a dance for Gheorghe Iancu, another illustrious student of mine. Things went slowly, slowly, and rolled like a snowball going downhill. Unrepeatable, that’s the key word. Un-re-pea-ta-ble! (Miriam Răducanu)

Director: Mircea Albuțiu

Premiere year: 2023 //TIFF (TransilvaniaI International Film Festival); Dance Camera Istanbul – Impro Dance Fest Edition
Miriam Răducanu, Cornel Răducanu, Mircea Albuțiu
: Mircea Albuți
Montaj și colorizare: Alexandra Bălău
Design sunet: Matei Vasilache


Miriam Răducanu (b. 1924) revolutionized modern dance in Romania by the way she brought together arts such as poetry and music, that were united, in synthesis, by the force and message of a unique gesturality. Together with Gigi Căciuleanu, at the end of the 1960s, she initiated the famous Nocturne de la Teatrul Țăndărică, artistic events in which dance, poetry and theatre came together in a perfect synthesis, in which the boundaries between genres were abolished. The Nocturne represent a milestone for what dance was to become in our cultural space, by the way in which choreography is no longer defined only as an art of movement, gesture or the body, but as a reservoir of creation, in which multiple messages from arts that cannot exist in isolation are brought together in an interdisciplinary way. The creator of a poetics of dance, the discoverer of a form of presence that frees the body from stylistic, aesthetic or technical constraints, Miriam Răducanu belongs to the sphere of artists who go far beyond the boundaries of a particular field of creation.

Mircea Sorin Albuțiu is an independent photographer. He has a master’s degree in documentary film from UBB. He mainly works on personal projects. He is preparing an editorial project for print: Framing A Romanian Landscape, Romania social photographed through the train tracks. He has photographed dancers for over 10 years. Published two photography books in 2021 and 2022. Follow his projects on instagram @mirceaalbutiu; it’s the guy with the rooster.

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The film will be screened with English subtitles.

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