Poetic and choreographic consultations

  • Dance & performance
  • Free entry
  • Part of the European Days of Consultations

20 min.




King Mihai I Park (Herăstrău)


The poetic, musical and dance consultations, initiated by the Théâtre de la Ville – Paris at the beginning of the pandemic, are celebrated through the European Outdoor Consultation Days, on July 3 and 4, throughout Europe and in Bucharest.

More than 100 artists from the “imaginary company” – created at the beginning of the pandemic – are simultaneously mobilizing to offer consultations. A consultation is a free 20-minute experience between an artist and a participant, an individual meeting based on listening, on time given to the other, on a moment to share life, poetry, music and dance.

In Bucharest, CNDB invites you to take part in the European Consultation Days and offers you choreographic/dance consultations with Valentina de Piante and Mădălina Dan. The choreographic/dance consultation sessions at CNDB take place outdoors this time, in the King Mihai I Park (Herăstrău), but still keep the intimate format and involve a 1 to 1 physical meeting between the artist and the participant.

The consultation begins with a first question “How are you?”, followed by a discussion, and finally the consultation ends with the offer of a poetic remedy. If a poem is recited in the initial version of the project, at CNDB the artists propose to the participants a choreographic/danced remedy.

European Consultation Days Program in Bucharest (July 3)

Saturday, July 3, 22:00 – 24:00
“Nocturnal candlelight consultations” (premiere) with Mădălina Dan (4 consultations)

How do you participate?

Participation is free and the distribution of consultations available for all three events is done by drawing lots, and the contests will be announced on the event page on Facebook and on the Instagram account of CNDB, @ cndb.ro.

The meetings will be live-streamed, simultaneously, by all the partners involved, to mark the European Days of Consultations.

How did the poetic consultations start?

Years ago, director Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota and writer Fabrice Melquiot imagined a series of “poetic consultations” they offered on the streets of Reims and Paris. The principle was very simple: an artist talks to an unknown passer-by for 20 minutes. The exchange is free and continues by reciting one or more poems inspired by the conversation. The actor concludes the dialogue by proposing a poetic “prescription”.

Initiated by the Théâtre de la Ville – Paris at the beginning of the pandemic, poetic consultations have been reinvented to adapt to the current situation in which we all live. To date, more than 90 French and foreign actors have come together in an “imaginary company” to offer telephone consultations and more than 35 international partners offer consultations in Greek, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Hungarian, Wolof, drunk, Lingala, Sango, Pidgin, Congo, Italian, Albanian, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Mandarin… and Romanian. An initiative of European solidarity, the project initially launched by telephone connects people, regardless of country of origin, emphasizing the importance of creativity as a generator of a healing dialogue and also questioning the role and space of art in European society.

In 2020, the poetic consultations in Romanian were launched in partnership with Insula 42 and PEN Romania, an initiative of European cultural debates, initiated and curated by Corina Șuteu in Bucharest.

For more information about the poetic consultations, click here.

Biography Valentina De Piante

Valentina De Piante is a university lecturer, doctor of performing arts, project coordinator, choreographer and performer, practitioner of the Feldenkrais® method. Her choreographies have been presented at the Explore Festival, ImPulsTanz-Vienna, the National Center for Dance Bucharest, Trois C-L Luxembourg, in various National Museums, in unconventional urban spaces and in nature. She has given lectures enriched by intense physical activity at Wasp Studios, at the Teching the Teachers-Bucharest-Budapest symposium and at the Kinetic Center. In December 2020, she received the CNBD Award for his work as an independent artist.

In 2016, she was selected as one of the [8: tension] choreographers at the Vienna International Festival. As an artist, she studies a circumferential approach to awareness in various formats, sharing performative practices with other artists and scientists. As a teacher, she is interested in implementing interdisciplinary art projects in schools, which integrate the body into education: the H.e.art-Humans embodying Art project, Leonardo.500, or Family Arts Project.

She is a founding member of the Viu Grai association and collaborates with Indie Box, the National Center for Dance Bucharest, Areal, Arhipera, Montage, Graphis 122, Re-Creăm and with the Dante Alighieri-Bucharest association.

In December 2020, she received the CNDB Award for her work as an independent artist.

Biography Mădălina Dan

Mădălina Dan is a graduate of the “Floria Capsali” Choreography High School in Bucharest and of the National University of Theater and Cinematography in Bucharest – choreography department; she also graduated from UNATC with a master’s degree in dramatic writing.

From 1998 to 2003 she was a member of the dance company “Oleg Danovski” from Constanța. In 2008 she participated in the scholarship program for contemporary dance “DanceWeb Scholarship” – Vienna.

Mădălina Dan was a guest artist at the Arizona State University School of Dance and an associate artist at the National Center for Dance Bucharest Center in 2016. She studied in Berlin at HZT (Hochschulübergreifende Zentrum Tanz Berlin) on the SoDA (Solo / Dance / Authorship) program. Her works have been presented at Springdance Festival Utrecht, Balkan Dance Platform – Novi Sad, eXplore Dance Festival – Bucharest, Temps d’Images – Cluj, SouthBank Center & Chisenhale Dance Space – London, Fabrik Potsdam, Hebbel am Uffer – Berlin, TanzFabrik- Berlin, Tanzquartier Wien, Dance Theater Workshop – New York, Firkin Crane-Cork, Alta Theater – Prague, Art Stations Foundation – Poznan, Sophien Saale – Berlin, FFT Düsseldorf, Impulse Festival, Mulheim, Lyon Dance Biennale, Schauschpiel Leipzig, Hellerau – Dresden etc.

In 2015 she was among the winners of the CNDB Awards, for her contribution in dance and performance through shows, workshops, creative laboratories and mentoring projects.

Valentina de Piante Niculae, Mădălina Dan

Théâtre de la Ville – Paris, Insula42, PEN Club Romania

Special mentions

The distribution of consultations available for all three events is done by drawing lots, and the contests will be announced on the event page on Facebook and on the Instagram account of CNDB, @cndb.ro.






Poetic and choreographic consultations

Poetic and choreographic consultations






Poetic and choreographic consultations

Poetic and choreographic consultations
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