Opportunity: Artist in Residence at USF Bergen

Opportunity: Artist in Residence at USF Bergen

Next application deadline is 1st of March 2019 for residencies through 2020.  Link to application form HERE.

Who can apply
The residency is open to professional, foreign artists of all fields: visual artists, writers, curators, craft artists, writers, film directors, film makers, dancers, choreographers, stage performers, performance artists, composers, musicians, audio and new media artists. The residence is open to all international artists, but not to norwegian citizens or artists living in Norway.

What does AiR Bergen at USF Verftet have to offer
There are two studios and two small apartments available. These are situated at USF Verftet, an old sardine factory converted into a large and diverse arts- and culture centre. More about studios and apartments here.

We offer a 3 months residency at USF Verftet in a rent free studio and additional accommodation.

What does the residency demand of the visiting artist
All expences (other than studio and accommodation) such as living costs, travel, materials, insurance and transport must be covered by the artist. The artist must apply for possible funding from her / his own home country. There is no Norwegian funding related to this residency.

The selected artist must be prepared to be quite self-reliant. We are running the residency on tight administrative resources. However we are doing our best to set up contacts and network, and the Bergen art scene is a very open-minded and friendly one. We want the artists to achieve the most out of their stay, and the city of Bergen and Bergen’s artist environments to enjoy the company and knowledge of the guest artist. This is our main goal.

Important: The visiting artist must speak and write english.

What to expect
The USF house is privately owned, and the artists here are renting individually from the house owner. Do not expect an artist-run/communal environment in the house. This can be found at other venues in the city.

The art and culture activity changes during the year. Summer; from around mid-June to mid-August is very quiet. The activity really drops to a minimum during this time. The USF also goes quiet, and it’s the office holiday time as well. A good time for concentration for the visiting artists, but not the best time for a rich social and cultural life. Then it picks up, and September, October, November are very culturally rich months. From around mid-December it slows down again, before it picks up in mid-January with a peak in May – June.

The application must consist of the application form, project proposal for the residency period and artist statement, updated cv, documentation of work. Current work is requested. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
Please note our aim in your application process: “The aim is to strengthen, promote and develop a collaboration between contemporary artists in Bergen and foreign artists.”

We prefer the application to be sent electronically through the application form. Please limit your documentation to maximum 5 MB. If you are sending video material, please refer to downloading sites like Vimeo, YouTube etc.

If you do have a personal updated website, it is accepted as application material for documentation of work, cv etc.

The application deadline is 1st of March every year for residencies the following year.

Residents are selected by a jury composed of Bergen professional artists and other arts professionals.

For more information, please contact AiR manager Line Nord at USF Verftet, Georgernes Verft 12, 501 BERGEN – NORWAY Tel. (+ 47) 55 30 74 10, email 

photo © Resident artist Dragan Vojvodic “Fight”, USF backyard
Source: airbergen.no/info-and-application

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