Open Call / June 2019


Austrian choreographer Karin Pauer and Italian visual artist Aldo Giannotti are looking for 10 performers, based in Bucharest for their site specific performance parcours event ‚flight of steps’ as part of the opening of a new building in town. We look for performers with english skills and a strong presence, who are interested in participating in an interactive performance score, executing a series of improvised encounters and scripted situations relating to the architecture of a building and to the staircase as a metaphor for a life-time. We look for performers who share our curiosity in negotiating a performative setting which engages audiences directly and who ideally have some background in dance. We will work on three executive days for 6 hours each to develop a score on site together with you. The performance will take place on the evening of the 26th of June. Availability from the 20th of June to the 22nd of June and on the 26th of June is necessary. Participants receive a fee for participating.

For more information about us, our work and the project please contact us under: .
If you are interested in participating please send information about yourself, perhaps video material or any kind of online material about you and your work. 

image © karinpauer.com

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