Visiting the CNDB media library

Visiting the CNDB media library

Yesterday we received the visit of the students from the contemporary dance group of the Choreography High School “Floria Capsali” from Bucharest, who came to us together with teachers Doina Georgescu and Simona Paraschivu!

We talked for two hours about the CNDB Archive and Media Library and consulted together documentary materials about Floria Capsali, Iris Barbura, Trixy Checais, Vera-Proca Ciortea, Raluca Ianegic, Adina Cezar, Miriam Răducanu, Gigi Căciuleanu, Ioan Tugearu.

On this occasion, we would like to remind you of the CNDB Archive and Media Library: resources for documentation, research and artistic education that can be consulted by professionals in the field of performing arts (choreographers, dancers, critics, etc.), students, master’s students, doctoral students and teachers from higher and pre-university education institutions, researchers and specialists in various fields of culture!

Find the rules and programme of the Archive and Media Library HERE.

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