S[A]IT{LIFE} @ OMNIA Hall Bucharest

S[A]IT{LIFE} @ OMNIA Hall Bucharest

“On The Road Again” International Call of the Federal Ministry Republic of Austria and Austrian Culturual Forums – Winner with this project for Bucharest.


The project is conducted in 3+1 stages, of which the first three will take place in Bucharest:
April 2022 – research and location scouting, getting to know people and the city
April – August: finalizing preferred location, communication with everyone involved, collecting contributions from our local collaborators, preparation and organization of needed material and equipment
August 2022 – actual installation project on site – collaboration with partners
Starting in approx. August 11 with 2 weeks of preparations on site
August 26 – 31: Several days intervention – open to public
October 2022 – presentation of documentation, reflection, outcomes, etc. planned in a gallery in Bucharest.
In February – May 2023 a final element will take place in a group exhibition in Künstlerhaus in Vienna, when the documentation of our project will be presented as part of the larger initiative of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that will display all 23 projects that had been realized as winners of the “on-the-road-again” competition.


  • Working with a site includes various goals – to:
  • create a possibility for “sightseeing” – “seeing a sight”
  • to sketch out a community that exists only at/through a site
  • to create an experience of a space that opens ideas and possibilities for new uses
  • to generate an altered atmosphere by shifting the perception of elements of a space
  • to relate to the history and, in particular – also to politics – also to fantasies
  • to relate to our collaborators and their interaction with us

For the creation of the final content of the displays we cooperate with artists and other interested individuals from Bucharest   to combine individual artistic positions with collaborative efforts to shape this setting, while pursuing the following goals:

  •     to increase the awareness of a community and interaction with each other
  •     to create collaborative art as a transformational force to strengthen communication
  •     to contribute to a reflection of identity and view of (history of) Bukarest and the location
  •     to work with both – internal views / external views / and a combination in a fluid form
  •     to be open to a neighborhood without barriers of costs and no expectations
  •     to raising awareness for sustainability and environmental protection
  •     to deal with issues of climate change, waste, recycling, electricity-solar, etc.

Our work with this specific site – Sala Omnia – will be in parts a interpretation and reflection of its political past, but even more so a projection into the future, a sketch of possibilities and potentials. Our site-specific interventions are created with projections, audio and light installations. They will be accessible for the public where and when possible, allowing exploration within the space. We keep closed with barrier/ropes/light-signs where necessary and direct the audience through parts of the building to present a scenography, a hinted script that includes several stops to contemplate.
At several rooms we make it possible to experience interventions with light and/or sound and/or video and/or projection, that express our above sketched out approaches, while the guides will provide additional information and historical backgrounds, related to each of the stops. Overall this will be a scripted tour through a virtual space in an actual building.

Austrian Cultural forum Bucharest, CNDB – The National Center for Dance Bucharest, Iosif Kiraly, Sever Petrovici-Popescu, Ina-Alice Danila and many more;

More infomation on Omnia Hall, here.
News source, here.

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