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The project “ReeDANS – Eastern European Dance Residences 2019” aims to create a workspace and reflection for professionals in the field, a stimulating framework for the exchange of ideas and good practices in the field of performing arts, contemporary dance, inviting intercultural dialogue artists from Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria.

“ReeDANS 2019” emphasizes the cultivation of a culture of professional dialogue in a geo-socio-cultural area that has faced common problems, complex processes and slow synchronizations in the development of an artistic field that is and will remain for a long time in the niche for much of Eastern Europe, due to constant underfunding.

Reedans: Jivko Jeliazvok - Derida Dance Company

Artist Talk

KINGKONG aaaaact5

performance by Elena Vertegel

Eighty Five Percent Of What You Remember

by Cristina Lilienfeld

I am here still

by Bogdan Olarson

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