Production and Presentation


Without restricting the area of ​​aesthetic options, in this section we present works and performances from the field of contemporary dance and performance. You can find out about CNDB productions and co-productions, as well as the invited and hosted works and performances.

Graduation party | Academy of Dance and Performance

BLOT - Body Line of Thought

By: Simona Deaconescu and Vanessa Goodman


Concept, artistic direction, choreography and dramaturgy: Mădălina Dan

No Virtuosity Here

A performance composed of solos, coordinated by director Ioana Păun.

Double-bill: Outcome & Reverse Discourse

Performances by: Manuel Pelmuș and Ioana Marchidan
CNDB Itinerant: performances presented at LINOTIP

Humans | Bodies | Images

Concept and choreography: Ioana Marchidan

Less might be more, but sometimes less is just nothing

Concept and artistic direction: Willy Prager

Luați de VAL...s

Concept and choreography: Alexandra Mihaela Dancs and Vlad Benescu
Performance presented at HEARTH - Kerim house

Moving [m]others

Concept and artistic direction: Valentina De Piante
Performance presented at ARCUB - Gabroveni Inn


Concept and choreography: Simona Deaconescu


Concept and artistic direction: Mădălina Dan

CNDB AWARDS 2022 x Ramanenjana

A performative docu-fiction by Simona Deaconescu, in collaboration with Gaby Saranouffi

Love me for five minutes

Concept and choreography: Teodora Tudose

Fictions, my body - Eliza Trefaș & common performative framework

Eliza Trefaș

Fictions, my body - Andreea David & Cosmina Moroșan

Andreea David and Cosmina Moroșan together with Anticorp Solar

Fictions, my body - Florin Flueraș & Adriana Gheorghe

Florin Flueraș și Adriana Gheorghe

(anti)aging - after 10 years

Concept, choreography and performance: Mădălina Dan and Alexandra Mihaela Dancs

Fictions, my body - Raluca Croitoru & Cătălina Gubandru

Raluca Croitoru, Cătălina Gubandru

BLOT - Body Line of Thought

By: Simona Deaconescu and Vanessa Goodman

The Last Raid of HumanKind

Directed and choreographed by Daniel Alexandru Dragomir


With/by: Raj Alexandru Udrea, Paula Dunker, Alina Medoia, Alex Bălă

Feelings are just visitors

Written and directed by: Denisse Conn Tubacu
Choreography and performance: Mariana Gavriciuc

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