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International festival of contemporary dance and other reconfigurations of the sensible


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Certain topics and topics always remain urgent and need to be re-addressed, updated and viewed from new perspectives. In the context in which the dominant structures generate and maintain the conditions that brought us in the situation of living simultaneously with the climate crisis, the pandemic and the war, it seems important to reflect upon the power relations in society, on the relationship between man and the environment and to talk about the gap between privileged and defenseless bodies.

Instead of a unique festival theme, which forces the presentation of performances aligned and disciplined by one’s will, we bring diverse content and formats that look beyond the great narratives. We therefore propose subjectivities that relate to personal micro-histories, in order to bring to the surface, the multitude of iridescences of the same ever-changing realities.

Iridescence occurs when a surface changes color, as a reflection of light, in the presence of liquid particles. It is visible in some animals, in certain minerals and in the plant kingdom.

As a way of understanding the world, iridescence becomes a navigational tool that guides and shapes thinking. Thus, the surface is no longer perceived as a simple boundary, but as a brilliant place of convergence of insoluble multiplicity (apud. Tavi Meraud. Iridescence, Intimacies – Journal #61 E-Flux/E-Flux.Com, 2015). Iridescent thinking moves through different sets of possibilities and realities, follows and examines upheavals and connections.

In a complicated, fragile, harsh context in which war is still possible, we believe that dance and art have the power to bring people together and create solidarity.

After a three-year break, the Bucharest National Center for Dance (CNDB) returns with an international festival dedicated to contemporary dance, performing arts and other contents and formats: 10 choreographic productions from abroad and from Romania, workshops, conferences, group dinners, DJ sets, a listening session, an evening of poetry & a concert and a marathon of ideas for planet Earth, which give space to emancipatory speeches, and, last but not least, bring the joy of continuing together.

The IRIDESCENT Festival is a space for exploring relevant concepts/topics, in relation to what affects our societies and communities now. The 2022 edition addresses current issues (climate crisis, biodiversity, feminism, micro-stories), questions anthropocentrism, provokes unfamiliar, critical and perhaps even uncomfortable ways of thinking. Bring people together.

CNDB has been an extensive space for intersections between the arts since its establishment, a platform that has presented countless formats, and the Iridescent Festival is a project designed to continue CNDB’s interest in the intersections between arts and tp create an interdisciplinary, intersectional, diverse and open framework.

06.05.2022 – 18.06.2022

Aerowaves, French Institute in Romania, ARCUB – The Cultural Centre of Bucharest

Media partners
Radio România Cultural, ELLE, STB, Blitz TV

We support Ukrainian artists!
Throughout the festival, we support the fundraising campaign initiated by our colleague Viktor Ruban (Ukraine) and encourage contributions to the emergency fund to support Ukrainian artists – Ukrainian Emergency Performing Arts Fund.

Seeking for new movement aesthetics

Workshop held by Gaston Core

The Very Last Northern White Rhino

Part of Aerowaves Twenty22
Concept and choreography: Gaston Core (SP)
Audio session to close the evening - von Bülove (Platform Corp.) (RO)

Some Choreographies - workshop

Workshop held by Jacopo Jenna

Some Choreographies

Part of Aerowaves Twenty22
Concept, direction and videochoreography: Jacopo Jenna (IT)

Books on the Dancefloor

By/with: Corina Cimpoieru, Renate Dinu, Paula Dunker


Workshop held by Yulia Arsen

Plastic Bag

Part of Aerowaves Twenty22
Made and performed by: Yulia Arsen

Ideas for Planet Earth

Marathon of statements, messages and ideas

CNDB Night Out at Club Guesthouse

Club session
Catartis (FR) w/ Chlorys (RO)

Double-bill: L'Épouse & La Ménagère

Concept și coregrafie: Rebecca Journo (FR)


Choreography: Rebecca Journo (FR)
Audio session to close the evening - Admina (Platform Corp.) (RO)

Open Lab - Sonic bodies

Free entry


Concept and artistic direction: Mădălina Dan


Concept and choreography: Simona Deaconescu

Borders, crossings, losses and rediscoveries

Feminist poetry and Suce Fraga concert

When Attitude Becomes Form: An Act of Radical Empathy

Artist Talk Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi

Urban dances tour in 10 cities around the world

Artistic direction, concept and choreography: Ana Pi (FR/BR)

About iridescence and other reconfigurations of the sensible

Festival opening
Conference, group dinner and audio session with Chlorys (Platform Corp.)


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