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The CNDB 2020 awards react to the absence of an independent artist status. The National Center for Dance Bucharest awards 17 artists who work freelance, but also 3 children!

The seventh edition of the CNDB Awards is a step towards recognising the efforts made by members of the dance community to continue their activity independently (freelance), in an unfavourable context, underfunded and lacking opportunities.

The CNDB awards have the role of highlighting the special contribution made to the construction of contemporary dance. Over the years, choreographers, dancers, theorists, journalists and people who have contributed to the development of choreographic culture in Romania have been awarded. The 2020 edition of the event will take place on Monday, December 14, at 19:00, on the Facebook page of the National Center for Dance Bucharest.

A call for the social security of independent artists
The National Center for Dance Bucharest is the only public performance institution subordinated to the Ministry of Culture that doesn’t have artistic staff employed in its structure and which, therefore, carries out the activity mainly in collaboration with artists – individuals working freelance.

In the absence of an independent artist status or other regulations that assimilate their activities as work, their position and role in society remain unrecognised and, unfortunately, this entails the absence of income and social security.

This award is also a reaction to the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in, in which the already precarious nature of artists’ work, doubled by the effects of the pandemic, seems to lead to the increased vulnerability of independent artists. – Mihai Mihalcea (CNDB, Director of Programs and Projects)

The National Center for Dance Bucharest therefore rewards valuable artists who have assumed the inherent risks of continuing their activity in this context and who have shown talent, a lot of passion and dedication. Without their efforts, the choreographic life would have been much poorer, and their vulnerability leads to the disappearance of several projects, structures and initiatives that they generate.

Awards for students from the Performing School for Children
For this edition of the awards, the Artistic Council of CNDB decided to award students from the CNDB Performing School for Children. A forward-looking initiative, the decision marks the seriousness, pleasure and perseverance with which children learn, explore and dance in this training program in contemporary dance, launched by CNDB in 2017.

Graduation moment for the students of the CNDB Academy of Dance and Performance
This year’s event will also mark the graduation of the 16 students of the first generation of the CNDB Academy of Dance and Performance, launched in 2019. The next edition of this education and training program for young dancers and performers in Romania will have place in the academic year 2022-2023.

Corp. at the CNDB Awards
CNDB launched the invitation to Corp. platform, which is dedicated to promoting women from the electronic music scene in Romania. Corp.’s activity combines parties with political education for equality and respect for human rights. Admina, Chlorys and von Bülove are the DJs that the followers of the online event will be able to enjoy as the closing act of the CNDB Awards.

Even if in online format, the event remains a community node and the chance for a last dance before 2021!

In 2020, the National Center for Dance Bucharest’s Award was granted to the following:

Alexandra Bălășoiu
Catrinel Catană
Simona Dabija
Andreea David
Paul Dunca
Florin Flueraș
Mariana Gavriciuc
Adriana Gheorghe
Anamaria Guguian
Cristina Lilienfeld
András Lóránt
Ioana Marchidan
Oana Mureșan
Cristian Nanculescu
Andreea Novac
Valentina De Piante
Lavinia Urcan

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