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CNDB Awards via Descentrat

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The CNDB Awards have the purpose to highlight extraordinary contributions to building contemporary dance. Over the year, CNDB awarded choreographers, theoreticians, journalists, people who advanced the choreographic culture in Romania.

In 2019, the National Dance Center Bucharest decided to organize the sixth edition of the CNDB award in the spirit of the Undisciplined Meetings, started in 2018 and organized at CNDB by a collective named Descentrat (*Descentred) – a curator-program which de-constructs, disturbs, de-centers fixed and expected practices.

This year CNDB Awards Gala will be a Descentrat event and will question meritocracy, celebrating both artistic personalities, as well as the communities and contexts that led to their becoming:

What if the winner doesn’t take it all?
Manifest Descentrat

“What if we didn’t think in terms of winners and losers, what if changed the perspective of these fixed categories, to see ourselves as part of a community and the sum of a series of circumstances, privileges and people around us, who help build us and develop us through our personal and professional journey? What if we would accept that we cannot be successful on our own and to acknowledge those who contributed to an individual success?

Not work, nor talent are never dissociated from the collective, from the community and from society in which they grow and gain recognition. An individual award promotes the idea that talent and genius are, simplu, an individual and exceptional characteristic, but they are, in fact, a dynamic of resources built within a society, very easy to analyze.”

The CNDB award, still a (literal) brick, celebrates in 2019 the artistic personality of the winners and valorizes an extended frame of reference. Therefore, this year, the National Dance Center Bucharest honours, three artistic personalities who, over time, remarkably contributed to the construction of contemporary dance in Romania and invites the winners to nominate, in return, those persons who had a contribution to the social context in which they greu, to celebrate them as well.

The event is a community node and the chance of a last dance before 2020.

Awards and reception:  National Center for Dance Bucharest (CNDB)
Hosts: Paula Dunker, Maria Mora, Cristian Nanculescu, CNDB team
Artistic program: PC Harem, CNDB Dance and Performance Academy
Dress-code: What if the winner doesn’t take it all?

About Descentrat (*Descentred)

Descentrat (*Descentred) is the name of a series of meetings at CNDB, initiated by Paula Dunker, Farid Fairuz, Maria Mora and Cristian Nanculescu. Descentrat opens the dialogue regarding several manifestation areas and different practices, who originate or not in the artistic field. Without fixing the focus area in a certain ideatic or aesthetic area, Descentrat brings together people who want to manifest and share their interests, becoming an intersection node for different participant generated contents. 

Descentrat and their guests propose a framework for reflection and action, a series of Undisciplined Meetings that were born from the premise that offline experiences, face to face meetings and direct contact are more and necessary for dialogue not to remain a virtual accident. Each meeting proposes a new format, with a different typology and opens the performative space to all who are interested and undisciplined.

PC HAREM is a Romanian Techno-House Live and – Alive bank! Four musicians who studied classical, rock, jazz and ethnic music, fell in love with electronic dance music some years ago. Cooked live with several synthesizers and rhythm machines, a PC Harem concert is never like another.

In 2019, the National Center for Dance Bucharest’s Award was granted to the following:

Gigi Căciuleanu
Raluca Ianegic
Răzvan Mazilu

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