dansePlatForma#23 Open Call is still available!

dansePlatForma#23 Open Call is still available!

dansePlatForma#23 will take place in Montpellier in France in January 2023. This special edition dedicated to the theme of Acting for Peace is open to artists from Ukraine and Eastern Europe countries, near the Ukrainian conflict : Poland and Romania, as well as Russian artists who are dissident or opposed to the war.

Contemporary dance performances, open studio, artistic worshops, public talks, international meetings, and classes will bring together established and emerging artists from Eastern Europe.

Keeping the dialogue with artists in Europe is now more necessary than ever. Our commitment will be continued with the new edition of dansePlatForma, both transnational and deeply European.
dansePlatForma opens a new horizon with the language of dance as a universal expression between peoples.

– Solo or duet (25 – 40 minutes)
– Trio or quartet (40 min – 1 hour)
– Open to professional choreographers from Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Russian choreographers (resident and non-resident in Russia)
– Must be + 18 years old
– If there is text in the performance, provide subtitles in French
– A work created in the last 3 years or a new version of an older piece
– Pieces already submitted for the first edition of dansePlatForma will not be accepted

Technical conditions offered:
– 10 x 10 m stage with light and sound – possibility for video projections – Set up on the day of the performance (maximum 3 hours).
– Technical support for sound and lights
– Common stage space for all troupes

Required availability: January 2023

dansePlatForma#23 in Montpellier ensures:
– Promotion and communication
– Technical support
– Support for the artistic team of maximum 4 people (choreographer, dancers, musicians, other artists) : travel, accommodation and meals, fee in euros

dansePlatForma#23 also takes care of:
– Visa cost
– Transport of the set to the hold
– Fees, travel and meals for a team exceeding 4 people

Deadline : September 7, 2022

More information here.

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