Workshop Café Müller

Workshop coordinated by Dominik Więcek

11 November – 10:00 – 14:00




CNDB "Stere Popescu” hall (Mărășești, 80-82)


Pina Baush, although she never created a dance technique, even though she used the bodies, creativity and movement of the dancers she worked with, created a unique and recognizable movement language that we identify with her. The upright position of the pelvis, the open chest or a precise gesture combined with large and spatial hand movements are just a few of the many characteristics of this style.
The workshop with Dominik Więcek will create a fictional space in which participants will be transported to the stage of the Wuppertal Opera and take part in a non-existent performance. Rules and images will be imposed on their own body that will bring the participants closer to the choreographer’s repertoire. The workshop will use the knowledge and experience gained during the research work carried out as part of the Tanzrecherche NRW fellowship, which led to the premiere of the solo performance Café Müller.

Dominik Więcek is an artist whose works are filled with the humor, playfulness and a sense of lightness. As a choreographer and performer he is deconstructing dance history, theater norms and tradition without hesitation, tries to build bridges from autobiographical topics to the live experience of his audience and believes in confession performances in
which honesty can be situated somewhere between privacy and theatrical formality. In his performances he flirts with many theatrical genres, experiments with his own image and challenges societal norms by being an unapologetically queer artist creating in Poland. Trusting his intuition and being driven by curiosity he allows himself: not to know, to make
mistakes, to take roads to nowhere, as well as getting excited about the smallest of discoveries. He graduated from the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts, Dance Theater Department and is a scholarship holder of the Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen.

Free participation by registration.
To register, please fill in the form available HERE until 3 November. Selected participants will be notified by 7 November at the latest.

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