Violences and Situated Powers. A Choreographic Archive – BIDFF #9

  • Lecture performance
  • In the frame of BIDFF #9 – CLUSTERS | BIDFF EXPAND

50 min.


Based on a personal experience in a city at war, questions are mobilized around violence and the possibilities of existence in different contexts. In Reynosa, Mexico, this audiovisual choreographic archive of corporal interviews was born. This archive compiles physical and oral accounts of memories, emotions and experiences around violence and power from women and feminized bodies in various cities in Latin America. 

How do you feel the violence? What is potency? What can a body do, feel or think in a particular environment? How to expand what we can?

This archive is constituted through a device of danced interviews, where I invite both movement artists or people with no experience in bodywork, to answer questions from the body in movement, appealing to memory and body knowledge. What is the value of a movement archive? Can the body in movement provide information on social reality? How can a dance archive be perceived if not through sight?


Flor Firvida is a researcher, choreographer and performer. She has a Master in Social Sciences and Humanities (UAM-C) Mexico. She graduated Choreographic Composition in Dance – Theater  at the National University of the Arts, in Argentina.

In her work, she investigates the relationships between the body, the territory and the community from an expanded approach, fostering the encounter of dance, performance, video, and methodologies of the social sciences, that translate into installations, video essays or lecture performances. She writes about the porosities between art, politics and aesthetics.

She directed “Territorio Abierto”, an Urban Space Performance Festival, and was coordinator in Casa Belgrado, an international residency space in Buenos Aires. She currently provides work consultancies, teaches workshops in choreography, feminisms and performative practices. She co-directs CUICLI, an itinerant project of artistic residences, and integrates the research project Immaterial Cities, theatrical practices and situated thought.

Concept: Flor Firvida Martin
Language: English 
Archive camera record: Nayeli Benhumea
Sound advice: Ismael Méndez 

Supported by
The German Cultural Center Timișoara

This research was carried out within the framework of the project Immaterial Cities. Situated thinking and theatrical practice (320972) financed by CONACyT.

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