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  • Bucharest Pride 2024

90 min.


The performance is dedicated to trans Roma artist Naomy Moldovan, who passed away on April 19, 2024 at the age of 46. Singer, songwriter and actress, her career included numerous appearances at music festivals, many awards, roles in several films, participation in the national selection for Eurovision in 2014 and a solo album “A New Beginning” in 2006. She has been a pathbreaker for the queer community, being the only visible trans woman on TV in the 2000s, a role that brought her much transphobia from the world. We thank her for her resilience and for fighting to make trans voices heard!

TransLucid is a performance that explores significant aspects of the lives of trans people in Romania, focusing on the multiple transformations they have experienced.

TransLucid is an extensive historical archive, from the first operations that took place, to the legislative system, to public debates and other painful forms of discrimination against trans people.

TransLucid uses subjective narratives that center on moments representative of the history of the trans community.
Knowing our history is liberating. It takes us out of the invisibility into which criminal codes, abusive policies, media tainted by conservative ideologies have constantly pushed us. Knowing our history is liberating. We claim it, we know it, we tell it, we stage it, we dance it, we use our queer bodies to perform it, we mourn it, we change it.
Creating our history is even more liberating. TransLucid imagines a future where we write our own narratives and build the world we want and need.

The project team: ADAM/ Ada Musat (performerx), Andrei Dinu, (scenography) Andy Andreea (text), Arhanghela (performerx), Aron Madon (performerx) / Damian Nichita Ursu (performerx), Dragoș Petrișor (light design), Evelyn Homeghiu (performerx), Mihaela Michailov (text), Patrick Brăila (performerx), Paula Dunker (text+direction), Raj/ Ramya (text+performerx) & Renate Dinu(performerx).
Music: Chlorys, Sofia Zadar, Borusiade, Teo Retegan, Admina & Alex Bălă

Admission will be free subject to availability.
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Ada Mușat / ADAM
Multidisciplinary artist, “a jack of all trades” who over the years has experimented and created in mediums such as illustration, comics, street art, photography, installation, tattoo art, performance and theatre. His themes are always personal, regardless of medium, and in performance art he has collaborated with other artists, with whom he has explored the relationship with his own body and the theme of gender identity.

Andrei Dinu is a designer and set designer. He is the designer of the fashion label Prosper Center and the interior design project Atelier Brut. He has collaborated with artist Alexandra Pirici for various works that have been presented at Art Basel Messeplatz, Venice Biennale, Berlin Biennale, New Museum New York, among others. He has worked with directors and theatre directors such as Gianina Cărbunariu, David Schwartz, Paula Dunker, Alexandru Berceanu. In 2011 he was
the designer of the Romanian pavilion at the “Prague Quadriennal of Performance Design and Space”.

Andy Andreea was born in 1989 and is trying to write. She is part of the galaxy of Possible Worlds, an online speculative fiction platform. She has created memes, essays, short stories, poems, fan fiction, and is also an amateur DJ at times.

Arhanghela– A Bitch with Iconic Behavior.

Aron Madon is a visual artist, performer and currently has two musical projects Admina and Lili Putana, each entity is differentiated not only by musical genres but also by gender performing, in both the political views are important in shaping the characters. She is also a founding member of Corp. alongside Cosima Opartan and Chlorys – an independent collective representing people who identify as women and non-binary people in the Djing and electronic music scene, the direction of the platform is to create a safer clubbing experience for queer people. Personal projects include feminist poetry, audio and video experiments, and dance and theatre performances.

Damian Nichita Ursu is a comic strip author and animator. Throughout his life, he has been an illustrator for several magazines for high school students. His art is influenced by major themes in his life, such as his individualization and development as a young gay and trans man, or exploring relationships that feel down to the blood. In his spare time, he enjoys giving philosophical talks, creating collages and zines, listening to music, and writing poetry to better understand himself.

Dragos Petrisor is a lighting designer for theatre shows, concerts and performances. Based at Point Hub, close collaborator of Replik Educational Theatre Centre. He has worked in projects of directors Eugen Gyemant, Judith State, Gabriel Sandu, Raul Coldea, Selma Dragos.

Evelyn Homeghiu: a soul first and foremost, a trans girl, a shining light that shines more and more brightly and enthusiastically … motto: “ONE IS, MORE ARE”.

Mihaela Michailov is a playwright and performing arts analyst. She is co-founder of the Replika Educational Theatre Centre, co-initiator of the platform Literature and Feminism. She has written more than 20 texts of educational and political theatre, staged in theatres in Romania and abroad. Her plays have been translated into Bulgarian, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese and Spanish. She holds educational theatre workshops in schools and high schools.

Patrick Braila: trans activist, filmmaker and performer.

Paula Dunker works in the live arts as a poet, actress, playwright and choreographer. She dances continuously, creates performances and costumes, organizes events, writes, sings, dubs cartoons, acts in films and plays music. A queer body activist, she is most often found on the local contemporary dance scene, in the heart of political theatre in Bucharest and on LGBTQIA+ dancefloors.

Raj/ Ramya: Multi-disciplinaryx artist; a fluid person in genre, time and space, an implosion of emotions, a positive energy explosion, an amalgam of organized feelings, a possessor of a non-conforming temple, a rain of love and an ocean of infinite love.

Renate Dinu is a versatile artist and cultural worker who embraces multiple roles. After studying economics, she studied art and visual culture, focusing on the impact of participatory practices on social realities, with an emphasis on their performative role. Since 2016, Renate has been performing on stage, in conventional and unconventional spaces, in galleries and festivals. Her presence conveys a message that highlights the body as the primary tool for perceiving and producing reality and considers the stage a political space.

Produced by

Centrul Replika, ADO – Artă Pentru Drepturile Omului.

Special Mentions

The show contains strobe lights and smoke.
The performance will be in Romanian.

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