Workshop held by Yulia Arsen
  • Free entry based on registration

June 10

© Plastic Bag, Yulia Arsen, photo: Egor Gogen




CNDB "Stere Popescu” hall (Mărășești, 80-82)


As part of my artistic practice, I am interested in a certain way of feeling and creating works where everything is possible and appropriate, especially “failure”, because I see a person as a pendulum that constantly rushes between two extremes, striving for balance, but never finding it. This can be called the impermanence of human nature. And therefore none of us can be categorically explained, because we are constantly on the move. Just like my works – in the movement between sincere and ironic, conceptual and pop, funny and tragic, between the thirst for freedom and the thirst for affection, between the need to be an artist and at the same time cook pasta for my husband.

During this workshop, I would like to share some tools that help me follow the inner pendulum and use it to create works. We won’t take everything too seriously because we don’t have time for real research, but we will work a lot with the art of presence, with awareness, with intuition and with simple but effective tools. We will try to observe how after a desperate attempt to take root in something, to embody something, to stop and fix the moment, we already feel the beginning of movement in another direction, and this happens against our will. There will be a lot of talk and movement. We will value our time, which means that we will be precise and specific. We will try to remove the garbage, excitement and ratings. We will work with the concept of solo, because we have been soloing all our lives, and it’s better to try to enjoy it.

I can’t reveal the whole area of choreographic strategies because I’m just an artist and may share just my ideas, but I sincerely believe that this type of collaboration is very nourishing and enreaching in​ both directions.​

Yulia Arsen is an interdisciplinary artist and choreographer based in Moscow who works at the intersection of dance, theater and contemporary art. Arsen studied in Germany, and performed in festivals in Korea, Hungary, Germany, Russia, Estonia and Ireland. Within her artistic practice Arsen is interested in the constant fluctuations in herself between honesty and irony, conceptual and popular, trash and tenderness and fun and tragic. She is inspired by the idea of creating works that will capture the audience’s imagination. Arsen is a resident at the Meyerhold Centre (Moscow), the Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art (Moscow), collaborates with the V-A-C Foundation, various Moscow theaters and the Kuflex laboratory of media art. She was a Scholarship holder of the STD of the Russian Federation (2020) and laureate of the Kulturamt der Stadt Kassel grant (2020). With her work “Plastic bag” she was selected by the Aerowaves partners as one of the Twenty22 artists.

The workshop is intended for professionals in dance, performance, theater. The participation is free and we reserve the right to select participants based on your resume / portfolio. The results of the selection will be announced on June 3. Registration form here.

Special mentions

The workshop given by Yulia Arsen takes place in the context of presenting the performance Plastic Bag at CNDB. The performance is one of the 20 works selected in the Twenty22 program of the European contemporary dance network Aerowaves, of which CNDB is part together with similar institutions from Portugal, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Russia, Iceland, Ireland, and others.

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