• Dance & performance

60 min.


Iva Sveshtarova and Willy Prager lock themselves together in a set of boxes to investigate the phenomenon of shame from within.  Driven by curiosity, they allow themselves to be driven by desires that eventually become uninhibited. With playful wit and grotesque overtones, Sveshtarova and Prager move into the virtual world, where the internet ‘boxes’ offer all sorts of surprises. How far it all goes and how much the artists will bear to the performativity of shame will only be revealed to the audience, who come and experience Shamebox in person.

The show received the 2018 Icarus National Award in the Contemporary Dance and Performance category.

Idea, realization and performance: Iva Sveshtarova and Willy Prager
Music: Emilian Gatsov – Elbi
Consultants: Neli Mitewa and Mira Todorova
Thanks to Helena Botto

The performance in the frame of the festival is made possible with the financial support of the National Cultural Fund, “Programme for the recovery and development of private cultural organisations”, Bulgaria.


Iva Sveshtarova is a versatile artist and performer from Sofia, with a rich educational background in the arts. She graduated from the experimental Theatre-Studio “4XC” and “Synthetic Stage Arts” at the University of Plovdiv, followed by a Master’s program in “Choreography and Performance” at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen, Germany. Sveshtarova’s career commenced as a performer at Acto – Instituto de Arte Dramática, Portugal, from 2002 to 2006. Her artistic journey includes collaborations with prominent directors and choreographers, such as Nikolay Georgiev, Filipe Pereira, and deufert&plischke. Notably, she authored performances like “Perfectly Pink,” “Mirror Phase,” and “Kafka’s Metamorphosis,” among others. Sveshtarova has fostered a long-standing partnership with artist Willy Prager, resulting in innovative dance and performance projects, including “Before the End…(of the World)” and “A Better Life.” Additionally, Sveshtarova co-founded the Nomad Dance Academy – Balkan Network for Contemporary Dance and played a pivotal role in establishing the Antistatic Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance in Sofia. Her artistic endeavors continue to shape the contemporary dance and performance landscape, both locally and internationally.

Willy Prager is a prominent Bulgarian performance artist and art manager known for his extensive contributions to the world of contemporary dance and performance. His artistic journey began with graduation from Sofia’s Theatre-Studio “4XC” in 1996, followed by studies in “Synthetic Stage Arts” at the University of Plovdiv in 1999. In 2013, he earned a Master’s degree from the University of Arts Berlin through the MA SODA program. Throughout his career, Prager has garnered recognition for his performances under the guidance of renowned directors and choreographers such as David Zambrano and Xavier Le Roy. As a director and choreographer, he has created notable works like “Prager Strasse” and “The Victory Day,” receiving acclaim and prestigious awards, including the audience prix Jardin d’Europe at ImPulstanz in Vienna. Collaborating closely with fellow artist Iva Sveshtarova, Prager has co-authored compelling pieces like “Our Last Pas de Deux.” His artistic impact extends beyond the stage, as he has showcased his works at prestigious festivals worldwide and shared his expertise through teaching roles. Moreover, he is a co-founder of significant dance networks and initiatives in Bulgaria, including the Nomad Dance Academy, Brain Store Project Foundation, and Antistatic International Festival. Prager also plays a vital role in the “Dance Magazine,” an annual publication dedicated to ballet, contemporary dance, performance, and dance culture.

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