Seeking for new movement aesthetics

Workshop held by Gaston Core
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June 18

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This workshop is intended for dance and theatre professionals who wish to develop artistic research processes based on different movement techniques (urban dances, traditional dances, circus, etc.). It aims to assimilate basic improvisation and composition tools and to think about concepts related to the production of meaning in the choreographic work. The workshop is divided into two sections: a first part where we will present certain ideas that will help us to understand how meaning works regarding spectator’s perception. In the second part I will propose to the participants practical exercises and will share with them the tools and strategies me and the dancers I work with used to create our own work methodology. We will analyze how thinking and action are related within the creative process and how to work from the dancer training, an articulating concept, intuition and improvisation to consolidate a structure through which the meaning of the piece can flow.

In the first part of the workshop
We will point out some key elements present in the dynamics between thinking and action and between intuition and conceptualization, between the choreographer’s and the dancer’s perspective. We will also introduce some key theories to understand how the semantics of movement works and how to approach to the expressiveness of the movement ifself, such as Meyerhold’s biomechanics or Laban’s definitions. We will approach the concepts of representation-presentation code, framing and structure. We will reflect on the role of the spectator on the basis of reception and production theories, commenting briefly on Rancière’s essay “The Emancipated Spectator”.

In the second part of the workshop
We will offer tools to alter and modify dynamics, recognizable forms and space of movement sequences created in the run, so we can make emerge their expressive essence and thus achieve a new and singular aesthetic of movement. We will work by pairs on the different sequences. Finally we will fix small sequences of movement and we will try to reflect on the dramatic potential of the new forms created, how to make them into images, expand them, suspend their meaning, project them. This workshop is based on the creative meeting between Gaston Core, Nico Yao Dapre (AKA Oulouy) and Shreyashee Nag around the project of “Diptych of the Desert” composed of the first part, The Very Last Northern White Rhino and the second one, Chorus.

Born in Buenos Aires, Gaston Core trained as a performer and began university studies in audiovisual communication at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Settled in Europe since 2001, he continued his training in both fields; on the one hand, he completed a degree in Dramaturgy and Directing at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona while collaborating with the European film production and distribution company Paco Poch. In 2008 he got into cultural management while planning and directing a street and theatre festival financed by the City Council of Terrassa and the Centre d’Arts Escèniques de Terrassa (CAET). He collaborated with different companies where he played the role of performer and director until 2012, when he decided to commit exclusively to the Sala Hiroshima project, which he conceived and directed until its closure in November 2021, focusing on the support, production, and exhibition of the most innovative trends of the international contemporary scene.
In 2018 he studied Master’s Degree in Contemporary Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Barcelona. He then returned to the work of directing, dramaturgy, and choreographic composition with the Diptych of the Desert, a diptych composed by a solo piece (The Very Last Northern White Rhino) and a group piece (Chorus). His next projects will be released soon. He is also currently collaborating with specific curatorial projects.

The workshop is intended for professionals in dance, performance, theater. The participation is free and we reserve the right to select participants based on your resume / portfolio. The results of the selection will be announced on June 3. Registration form here.

Special mentions

The workshop given by Gaston Core takes place in the context of presenting the performance ”The Very Last Northern White Rhino” at CNDB. The performance is one of the 20 works selected in the Twenty22 program of the European contemporary dance network Aerowaves, of which CNDB is part together with similar institutions from Portugal, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Russia, Iceland, Ireland, and others.

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