Screaming Minerals – BIDFF #9

  • Lecture performance
  • In the frame of BIDFF #9 – CLUSTERS | BIDFF EXPAND

45 min.


Extracted from ground, manipulated through industrial processes, electronic components like semiconductors return to Earth’s geological layer in extended wastelands.

Extending the “Sizzling Semiconductors” workshop developed within the festival, “Screaming Minerals” enacts instruments from transistors made of waste to form an orchestra. Noises and tones emerge as radiosensitive stones and pieces of scrap metal are scratched with needles. Oscillation occurs at a precise touch of a burned spot rendering the instruments in highly unpredictable sonic landscapes.

Through a lecture performance, “Screaming Minerals” follows the rise of information technologies and their environmental decay. As algorithms become intelligent exponentially, Ioana Vreme Moser delves into their transistorized hardware bodies, their materialities, entangled politics, fragility and toxicity. 


Ioana Vreme Moser is a sound artist engaged with hardware electronics, speculative research, and tactile experimentation.

In her practice, she uses rough electronic processes to obtain different materialities of sound. She places electronic components and control voltages in different situations of interaction with her body, organic materials, lost and found items, and environmental stimuli. From these collisions, synthesized sounds emerge to carry personal narrations and observations on the history of electronics, their production chains, wastelands, and entanglements in the natural world. 

Amongst others, she has performed and exhibited at the National Gallery of Denmark (DK), Fonderie Darling (CA), Akademie der Künste Berlin (DE); Manifesta 14 (XK); SFX – Sound Effects Seoul (KR), Ars Electronica (AT), Bunkier Sztuki Gallery Krakow (PL); Simultan Festival (RO); Eigen+Art Lab – Transmediale, Berlin (DE).

By: Ioana Vreme Moser, together with the participants of the workshop Sizzling Semiconductors
Language: english
With the support of: Goethe Institut

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