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CNDB "Stere Popescu” hall (Mărășești 80-82)


PLUTA is an anti-violence feminist emancipation performance-manifest.

PLUTA unfolds, interrogates and unravels an unbalanced power dynamic in which psychological abuse and violence gradually creeps in, in subtle ways, until it permeates almost every interaction and takes over the survivor’s sanity.

Through a theatre-in-theatre performance, PLUTA reveals and deconstructs a less visible but present type of aggression in various artistic and educational work environments – psychological violence that occurs in power relationships, often between young professionals and people in the position of teacher/mentor/guide.

PLUTA shows how patriarchy is a socio-political system conducive to the unleashing of violence in its multiple forms and how dangerous this specific type of abuse can be, precisely because of its invisibility and socio-cultural normalisation, from childhood.

PLUTA encourages empathy, empowerment, solidarity and breaking the silence about psychological violence.

You are like a starfish among starfish
Held by waters
Or like a leaf on the lake
Or as you glide smoothly among planets and solar systems
Or like the rare moments when we trust and let go
When we’re glad we’re here in this water, belly up.
Violence is the destruction of it all
violence is cross-cutting
violence is patriarchal
and anyone who has internalized systems of power, authority, hierarchies, I mean every one of us – is capable of violence
only some people get it more.
if they are women, if they are children, if they show signs of what is understood as fragility, if they are different in any way from the norm
psychological violence is extremely dangerous because it’s talked about too little
because survivors believe they deserve it and are increasingly losing their sense of identity
who am I?
what do I like?
what do I want?
is that my thought?
whose thought is this?

When we recognize violence, we regain our strength.

By: Alina Medoia (text, direction)
Performers: Mădălina Brândușe , Ioana Chițu , Andrei Șerban
Graphic design, scenography Alex Horghidan, Mișa Dumitriu
Music: Sofia Zadar
With the support of the project team: Raluca Ghența, Luca Istodor, Carolina Vozian.

Informațiile despre rezervări sunt disponibile AICI.
Info about reservations are available HERE.

Front association, Literature and Feminism, FILIA Center, CUTRA, F-Sides Cineclub, ANAIS, Tempo Loops, FSAS UB, Goethe-Institut Bucharest.

The performance is part of the project “PLUTA – psychological and emotional violence in the arts”.

Co-finance by

Administration of the National Cultural Fund
The project does not necessarily represent the position of The Administration of the National Cultural Fund. The Administration of the National Cultural Fund is not responsible for the content of the project or the manner in which the results of the project may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the funding recipient.







By: Alina Medoia (text, direction)

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