Movements of Soul

  • Dance & performance
  • Part of Aerowaves Twenty24
  • Part of International Dance Month

40 min.


In “MOVEMENTS OF SOUL,” YAV brings together the dynamic worlds of dance, music, and fashion to create a unique and immersive experience.

YAV has deliberately chosen not to describe his piece to question our preconceived notions and conditioning, as we often find ourselves entangled in the confusion of distinguishing the message from the messenger. YAV encourages viewers to explore and interpret the performance in their own way to spark conversations about how we perceive and understand art.

“MOVEMENTS OF SOUL” is an opportunity for a layered, individualised experience.

It’s a reminder that art doesn’t always need words to convey meaning—sometimes, the most profound conversations arise from the unspoken, the unscripted, and the beautifully ambiguous.

Concept, production, choreography and interpretation: YAV
Styling: YAV
Costumes trailer: Bodil Ouédraogo
Text: K Yav Mbwamb & YAV
Produced by: YAV

YAV, originally from Congo, is a movement artist, model and musician. Born in Belgium (1993), throughout the years YAV has worked as a dancer with various choreographers in the contemporary dance field. In 2018 he started his career as a choreographer. He was featured as an artist for Vogue, Nl, I-D, Glamcult and Numéro Netherlands.

In 2020, YAV was mentioned in the ‘NRC TOP 101 LIST’ upcoming talent in the category Dance. In 2021 he started composing original music for his own projects. Yav worked as a model with brands like Armani and Marc Jacobs and also took part in BLACK IS KING, a film by Beyonce, as a choreographer and dancer. YAV has worked as a movement director for Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Daily Paper. In August 2021 YAV premiered his latest performance work Movements of Soul.

Aerowaves, Creative Europe

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