• Dance & performance
  • 15+

75 min.




CNDB – Stere Popescu hall (Bd. Mărășești 80)


MANual is an attack on the representation of masculinity. The performance is configured through the technique of manifest-play-recitative that involves critical exposition of the subject, collage of quotes, socio-cultural clichés and text in a triptych structure. Five bodies change clothes, identities, become objects, hand tools of striking. An ironic user manual with political elements, on the borderline between ritual and erotic, between freedom and constraint, situated between a locker room and a darkroom, in a contradictory state of contemporaneity.

MANUAL /ˈmanjʊəl/

  1. n. A book containing the basic concepts of a science, art, or science practical occupation.
  2. Adj. Which is made by hand; by hand. (Of trades, occupations, professions) Which is performed by physical labour.
  3. Adj. (Of people) Performing work by hand; p. ext. working with the hands; Hand work expr. (jokingly) onanie, masturbation.

Concept & Choreography: Sergiu Diță
Cast: Dorin Eremia, Sergiu Diță, Dennis Ilie, George Pleșca & Anca Stoica
Scenography: Ecaterina Tudosă
Lighting Design: Ionuț Dumitrașcu
Sound Design: RAW Creatives
Soundtrack: Daniel Stănciucu, Adrian Piciorea


Sergiu Diță (1999) is an emerging performer and choreographer working in the area of independent area. His artistic practice focuses on the use of pop culture as an element of social critique; thematically he is interested in investigating gender stereotypes. In his own performances he uses the “manifesto-collage-recitative” technique, which involves critical exposition of the subject, collage of quotations, socio-cultural clichés and text. His research involves recycling, sampling and remixing processes. Together with Anca Stoica he works as an artistic duo under the name Platforma 13, an independent initiative dedicated to transdisciplinary experimentation.

Festivals and Awards
DbutanT 2023 Festival – Grand Prize
Bucharest Fringe Festival 2023 – Special Jury Prize

Special mentions

Not recommended for people under 15. The show contains stroboscopic effects and is not recommended for people diagnosed with epilepsy.

Pupils and students receive a 75% discount* and retired people a 50% discount.
*Pupils and students must have their pupil or student ID card with them and present it before the beginning of the event.







Concept & Choreography: Sergiu Diță

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