Luați de VAL…s

  • Dance & performance
  • Free entry
  • CNDB Itinerant

75 min.


Luati de VAL…s is a dance performance created in the Kerim House and inspired by its architecture and history. In addition to the house in Parfumului 19 the creative process was enhanced during the summer by working with the waves of the Black Sea during our long surfing sessions. Being carried away by the wave became for us an artistic practice.

May I have the pleasure of a dance with you? When I get back from the yard, we’ll stand head-to-head. Do we do the same, or do we complement each other? With the smell we reach our hair. Your ribcage is comfortable. You play with the thread. I keep my eyes closed. I’ve seen you keep your eyes closed. You have a vein like a circle. I watch you through my tear. Cauliflower or “mici”? Medicine. We don’t shake right from the start, we inspect each other and then we dance. On the wobbly floorboards. I’ll tie your shoelace. When I can’t see you anymore, the way I move changes. I relax the roof of my mouth and yawn. We’re contemplating the garbage. You cover me like a blanket. Two strands of hair plus one or the other way around? We’re carrying furniture today. You stand in the corner so we don’t hurt the wall. Can I touch your popliteal fossa? It’s more than about falling in love, it’s about melting into each other. Our arms are below the horizon. We overcome anything. What are we doing arm in arm? We touch and catch a different texture. Yeah, not bad.

The dynamics among us have their own initiative, their own path, taking us where they wish, like waves always seeking the shore, not to end up there, but to continuously reform. We have chosen to dive in and let ourselves carried away.

Concept and choreography: Alexandra Mihaela Dancs și Vlad Benescu
Sound design: Lala Misosniky
Graphic design: Mihai Smeu


By email to or by phone, 0724293708.
The capacity of the hall is 15 seats.
Casa Kerim is a space of creative freedom and spectators.

Special mentions

The center is where you dance. The center can be anywhere.

Production presented at Casa KERIM as part of the CNDB Itinerant – a season of performances in other venues in Bucharest and around the country.

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