Love me for five minutes

  • Dance & performance

60 min.

©Andrei Căliman


“Love me for five minutes” highlights the need of affection we feel as human beings and the attempt to fill a void from the inside. The performance speaks about the family relationships  including father’s absence which has a later influence in the social dynamic of a girl’s development. Some of the themes approached during the creative process are close to remembrance, family, the unconscious and abandonment.

“Love me for five minutes” encourages the awareness of those little gestures of tenderness.

Concept and choreography: Teodora Tudose
Music: Sarah Mitrofan
Costumes: Valentin Teodorescu
Lighting design: Nicoleta Ivan

Teodora Tudose, Andrei Cristea, Sergiu Diță, George Pleșca

Produced by
UNATC “I.L Caragiale” Bucharest
“Love me for five minutes” is the dissertation performance-work of Teodora Tudose, 2022 graduate of the Master of Choreographic Arts at UNATC “I.L.Caragiale” Bucharest.

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