In Between

  • Dance & performance
  • Free entry by reservation

60 min.


A space in between, a space of passage, which seems real and unreal at the same time. A space for transformation, for preparing the soul. A space that forces you to re-discover yourself. Characters that are and are not, lost in the timeless, full and empty at the same time. The closer they get, the more transparent they become. They realise that space is alive, that space relates to them, makes them want to go ‘higher’, makes them be undecided, makes them scream, makes them discover the idea of touching or breathing together, makes them remember, makes them mirror each other so they can then transform.

Concept and choreography: Antonia Itineanț
With: Teodora Tudose, Andrei Cristea, Cătălina Oance, Anca Stoica, Antonia Itineanț
Scenography and light design: Miruna Croitoru
Original music: Ovidiu Zimcea and songs by: Valgeir Sigurosson and Keaton Henson
Coordinating teachers: lect. univ. dr. Elena Zamfirescu and lect. univ. dr. Andreea Duță

Special mentions

Participation is free within the limit of available seats. For reservations you can send an e-mail to:

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