Gestures Blooming Camp

Training camp for contemporary dance teachers coordinated by Nadja Raszewski, Sunia Asbach (Germany), Lauriane Madelaine, Pierre Chauvin-Brunet (Ballet du Nord, France).

28 August – 7 September 2023




Ballet Studio in Marisel/Dealu Mare (Cluj)


Gestures Blooming Camp: An intensive training opportunity in contemporary dance for teachers! The National Center for Dance Bucharest announces the Gestures Blooming project – Strengthening the dance ecosystem in Romania, in partnership with the Goethe-Institut and the French Institute of Romania. The project aims to strengthen and promote contemporary dance in Romania, providing training and collaboration opportunities for contemporary dance teachers in the country.

In the framework of this project, a camp dedicated to contemporary dance teachers in Romania will be organized from 28 August to 7 September 2023 at Ballet Studio in Marisel/Dealu Mare, Cluj. The camp is aimed at teachers from choreography and vocational art high schools, but also from universities or working in the private sector. The Gestures Blooming Camp offers the opportunity to participate for 10 days in 4 intensive practical workshops, coordinated by guest trainers from Germany and France with international experience in contemporary dance pedagogy, namely, Nadja RaszewskiSunia Asbach (Germany), Lauriane Madelaine, Pierre Chauvin-Brunet (Ballet du Nord, France).

The workshops will address various aspects of contemporary dance, such as methodology, structuring a class/course, techniques and repertoire transmission. They are connected to current trends in artistic creation and education and offer participants the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge in the field.

Blooming Gestures Camp – Strengthening the Dance Ecosystem in Romania is an opportunity for contemporary dance teachers in Romania to develop their skills and knowledge in the field, to connect with international experts and to contribute to the strengthening and promotion of contemporary dance in the country.

Nadja RaszewskiSunia Asbach (Germania), Lauriane Madelaine, Pierre Chauvin-Brunet (Ballet du Nord, Franța).

28 August-1 September: Lauriane Madelaine
3-7 September: Pierre Chauvin
28 August – 1 September: Sunia Asbach
4-7 September: Nadja Raszewski

Registration and participation
To apply, applicants are kindly requested to fill in the application form available HERE until 21 July. The selection process for participants will be finalised by 28 July 2023 at the latest. A total of 10 places will be offered. The courses are free of charge and the participation fee of 350 lei helps to cover accommodation and meals.

Following their participation in the camp, the selected teachers will receive a certificate of participation, signed by the trainers and organizers – the National Center for Dance Bucharest, Goethe-Institut and French Institute of Romania. The organisers also provide accommodation, meals and transfers between Cluj-Napoca and the camp location for the duration of the event.

Special mentions

Participants from cities other than Cluj-Napoca must provide their own transport to and from Cluj-Napoca.






Gestures Blooming Camp

Contemporary dance pedagogy course coordinated by Nadja Raszewski

Gestures Blooming Camp


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