Fictions, my body – Raluca Croitoru & Cătălina Gubandru

  • Dance & performance

90 min.


We are interested in the ways in which embodied presence generates word, and word generates new embodiment, challenging experiences and opening up new worlds, constantly shaping the perspectives and conventions in which we fit. What are the different roles that language accompanied by the body can acquire or access, from everyday speech to performance on stage, from language that fixes to language as potentiality? What do we become when we speak?

The invited artists and performers propose possible ways of working in the company of language, beyond illustration, by staking on the tension between representation and corporeality and on new alliances. We invite artists who use language ‘against’ language in one way or another into our dialogue.

The framework proposed and organized by Andreea David and Eliza Trefas, took shape as a result of their choreographic research started at the beginning of the year in the new CNDB production Fictions, my body (developed in the form of two 2 solo works, Where do I stay when I throw my word & Wor(l)ds).

This framework fulfills their desire to bring several artists and artists into dialogue, thus expanding the research theme by getting to know each other’s practice and their multiple approaches.

Presentations will take place every Wednesday in November.
9 November: Raluca Croitoru, Art History Aerobics and Cătălina Gubandru, In the language that you are

Raluca Croitoru, Art History Aerobics 

Art History Aerobics is a performance conceived as an aerobics demonstration session whose content is inspired by the official chronology of European art history and its defining moments. The performer simultaneously embodies the role of an aerobics instructor and a storyteller. Using voice, body and imagination, she marks and illustrates different ways of understanding and representing the body in art.
Duration: 20 min

Cătălina Gubandru, In the language that you are

Între noi este limbaj. 
Between us there is language. 
Limbaj/ language :
1. countable noun. A language is a system of communication which consists of a set of sounds and written symbols which are used by the people of a particular country or region or group  for talking or writing. Synonyms: tongue, speech, vocabulary, communication, expression, speaking, (def from Collin Dictionary)
LIMBÁJ, limbaje, s. n. 1. Sistem de comunicare alcătuit din sunete articulate, specific oamenilor, prin care aceștia își exprimă gândurile, sentimentele și dorințele; limbă, grai. 2. Limba unei comunități umane istoricește constituită. 3. Mod specific de exprimare a sentimentelor și a gândurilor în cadrul limbii comune sau naționale. ◊ Limbaj comun = a) fel de a se exprima simplu, nepretențios; limbă obișnuită; b) mijloc, bază de înțelegere. ♦ Sistem de semne, socialmente codificate, care nu fac apel la cuvinte sau la scriere. Limbajul surdo-muților. ♦ Fig. Mijloc de exprimare a ideilor sau a sentimentelor prin culoare, sunete muzicale etc. 4. Mod de folosire a unei limbi, în special a lexicului, specific anumitor profesii, grupuri sociale etc. 5. (Inform.) Sistem de caractere și simboluri folosit în programare. [Pl. și: limbajuri] – Limbă + suf. -aj (după fr. langage). (Dexonline)
Duration: ~20-40 min


Raluca Croitoru combines multidisciplinary approaches from visual arts, choreography and performance. Her artistic practice focuses on corporeality and the interplay between the ambivalent states of work and rest in everyday life. Raluca is a graduate of the Master of Arts program at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, where she currently lives. Her work has been shown, among others, at Time-Based Art Festival, Portland (USA); Art in General, New York (USA); Skåneskonstförening, Malmö (SE); Art Encounters Biennial, Timișoara (RO), National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest (RO); Yellow Brick, Athens (GR), W139, Amsterdam (NL).

Cătălina Gubandru is an independent artist, choreographer, dancer and performer. I work mostly with the basic definition of performance using various artistic media such as sound, text, photography, video, installation, objects, participatory art, site-specific. I develop my projects in national and international art residencies and present them internationally in different contexts, events and spaces, including: Sjösala Östra Ämtervik Sweden, Sandwich Gallery (CFP & Off Space), Atelierele Malmaison, Atelier 35, Transit Bucharest, PaintBrush Factory -RAP, NAHR Sottochiesa Italy, New Phenomenon Urban Studio Shenzhen, Dongcheng & Soho Building Beijing, Uzes Danse Festival, Tanz Im August Berlin, Dansem Marseille, Montemor O Novo Portugal, La Raffinerie Brussels, Balkan Dance Platform Athens, New Europe Festival Prague, Gallery Denkraum Vienna, Mains D’Oeuvre Paris, 104 Paris, Mouvement sur la Ville Montpellier, Explore Dance Bucharest, National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest, National Dance Center Bucharest, RKI Berlin, A5 Studio Space Bucharest, Future Museum Bucharest, TIFF Albania, Independans Bucuresti, Polli Talu Arts Center Estoniasite: https://catalinagubandru.weebly.com/

Special mentions

The works presented will be followed by artist talks.

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