Fictions, my body – Eliza Trefaș & common performative framework

  • Dance & performance

120 min.


We are interested in the ways in which embodied presence generates word, and word generates new embodiment, challenging experiences and opening up new worlds, constantly shaping the perspectives and conventions in which we fit. What are the different roles that language accompanied by the body can acquire or access, from everyday speech to performance on stage, from language that fixes to language as potentiality? What do we become when we speak?

The invited artists and performers propose possible ways of working in the company of language, beyond illustration, by staking on the tension between representation and corporeality and on new alliances. We invite artists who use language ‘against’ language in one way or another into our dialogue.

The framework proposed and organized by Andreea David and Eliza Trefas, took shape as a result of their choreographic research started at the beginning of the year in the new CNDB production Fictions, my body (developed in the form of two 2 solo works, Where do I stay when I throw my word & Wor(l)ds).

This framework fulfills their desire to bring several artists and artists into dialogue, thus expanding the research theme by getting to know each other’s practice and their multiple approaches.

Presentations will take place every Wednesday in November.
30 November: Eliza Trefaș, Wor(l)ds and common performative framework/meeting.

Eliza Trefaș, Wor(l)ds

The sensitivity of the body actualizes worlds, worlds actualize words, through which different realities can appear. States make their presence felt from the inside out, from the outside in, from the past to the present and from elsewhere – here. A fragmented speech, in an attempt to remember a dream, during the dream. A deviation in reality incorporating the invisible. The body between what we perceive and what we don’t, between what we know and what we don’t. The body changes worlds, navigates abstract and banal territories, which also announces its presence through the word. The word facilitates the experience, it appears from a sensitivity activated in the body, from an attention directed by the invisible. A fragmented speech, trying to remember a dream, during the dream. 
World as a body being read. 
Artistic support: Cătălina Gubandru
Duration: 40 min


Eliza Trefaș, performer and choreographer, works in the fields of contemporary dance and visual arts. She is currently conducting her own research and collaborative projects, being interested in relating visible and invisible life forms through the body. She started presenting her works in contexts such as eXplore Festival Bucharest, Bang Torres Vedras, Multiplicidades Festival Santa Cruz, RAKETE TQW, DO Festival Gdansk, The National Center for Dance Bucharest. In 2021, she received the CNDB Award for her contribution to contemporary dance.

Special mentions

The works presented will be followed by artist talks.

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