Eden News

  • Dance & performance
  • Free entry by reservation

45 min.


Eden News is a news bulletin from a world where Adam and Eve never left Eden, but destroyed it once they gained knowledge; a world where the Snake is an independent woman and Adam and Eve are trying to solve their marital problems.

Concept and choreography: Andrei Bouariu
With: Ileana Ursu, Laura Oana, Tiberiu Zavelea
Music: Petru Mărginean, Keiiki Suzuki, Max Cooper, CoH, Colin Stetson, Gesaffelstein
Scenography: Alberto Ursache
Light design: Cosmin Stancu
Coordination teachers: lect.univ.dr. Elena Zamfirescu și lect. univ.dr. Andreea Duță 

Special mentions

Participation is free within the limit of available seats. For reservations you can send an email to or send a message directly on Facebook

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