Eco Movements

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“Eco Movements” is a choreographic investigative project that probes the impact that pollution and waste have on the lives of individuals, leading to climate anxiety and how climate resilience can be achieved with the help of moving the body.

Through the project, we aim to choreographically translate the vision, conceptual framework and method of eco-performance, placing the interconnectivity/fusion between the natural environment and the body as two inseparable dimensions of choreographic creation at the centre.

The choreographic ecoperformative artistic research will be declined in a series of artistic products, the most important being 4 choreographic ecoperformative installations and an eco-videoperformance, which will be presented in: Bucharest, Brasov- physically and online (an eco-videoperformance) – Portugal- AgitLab, Timișoara.

Project team: Alina Tofan, Wura Moraes, Momo Sano Peter, Alina Ușurelu, Ioana Buraga


Wura Moraes is a Luso-Brazilian dancer, born in Amarante, Wura Moraes has a degree in Dance from Faculdade Angel Vianna (RJ/2009-2013), trained at École des Sables (Senegal/2013), at EDIT (Burkina Faso/2014), and at FAICC (Porto/2015).
She choreographed, in co-creation with Joana Lopes, Alienada and Agent (2015/2017) and performed in Cribles 7Live Porto by Emmanuelle Huynh (2015/2019). In Bahia, alongside Loke Wolf, she develops a research platform for contemporary, urban and African dances. For Festival dos Canais (Aveiro) she coordinated with Malgosia Sus, the Dance Temple (2019) and co-directed with Darya Efrat, the site specific performance-path “Ilhas Suspensas” (2020). She was artistic residency coordinator for AgitLAB (Águeda), curated by Paulina Almeida, with whom she co-produced LAMB-LAND ART MOVING BIENNAL (2021).
In 2021, she was a performer in the spectacle NKISI, by Colectivo LOA, directed by Gil Mac. Her most recent works are Time Capsule (JAB / Croatia) and the dance solo CERN, presented in 2020 and 2021 in Águeda (Portugal) and in 2022 in Marrakech (Morocco).

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