Double-bill: Toujours de 3/4 face! & Reverse Discourse

  • Dance & performance
  • Toujours de 3/4 face! is part of Aerowaves Twenty23
  • Part of International Dance Month

60 min




CNDB – Stere Popescu hall (Bd. Mărășești 80)


Toujours de 3/4 face!

According to Johnny Cadillac, a former Belgian karateka, « 3/4 face » is the ultimate defensive position: A posture so precise which inevitably betrays a will of perfectionism and a deep desire of control. Loraine Dambermont makes this principle her own and, through a live tutorial, reveals her best self-defence secret skills. Toujours de 3⁄4 face! is a 20 minute hyper energetic solo performed as a survival guide with hints of humour. Dambermont also tackles the complex Belgian identity through movements all directed towards the paroxysm of self-mockery. This performance challenges the physical and mental virtuosity of the performer by pushing the limits of a constrained body between a marathon of hyper fast movements, and the extreme precision of its own musicality.

Choreographer, composer and performer: Loraine Dambermont
Sound mixing advisor: Victor Petit
Light design: Rémy Urbain
Technical manager: Gaspar Schelck
Stage manager: Lucas Baccini
Outer sight: Monica Gomes

Production: Lodbmt
Partner: Le Théâtre de la Balsamine
Supported by: Iles/Suitcase Bruxelles, Le Théâtre Marni – Bruxelles, Garage29 – Bruxelles, Studio 28 – Roubaix, L’Armande – Liège, Le Centre Culturel Bruegel – Perpetuum MOBILE Festival – Bruxelles, La Roseraie – Bruxelles, Theater aan de Rijn – Dance Flavours, Arnhem and Wallonie-Bruxelles International Tour manager: BLOOM Project
Special thanks to Johnny Cadillac

Reverse Discourse

In “Reverse Discourse” I wanted to provoke emotion without mediating the gaze. To challenge the public to recall their own experiences or those transmitted and retransmitted, perpetually perpetuated by external factors, whether we are talking about people or the media. I used the body as a means of visual connection to an absurd dialogue. A bodily dialogue exposed in lines with distinct temporalities, which almost never intersect. An organic dialogue that exposes the dominator-submissive perspectives in multiple hypostases that outline the past and the present. A somatic dialogue that animates the traumas stored in our collective and individual memory. A visceral dialogue about the assumption of power and its exploitation in predominantly dictatorial, manipulative directions. (Ioana Marchidan)

“Reverse discourse” is what the title says. An inverted speech. Depersonalized. Offered naked. Fragile. Intimate. A performance about body politics in which Ioana Marchidan short-circuits the collective body memory, identifying and bringing to the surface deeply rooted gestures, in order to unarchive them and decompose them through a body slide towards an abstract choreography. This cataloging and re-editing of the memory of submission, of the suppression and repression of the meanings of gestures, integrates the public as a participant in the dialogue, as a submissive observer.

It’s interesting to follow in this micro performance the body movements before the gestures take shape. The inventory of gestures comes as an oscillation between submission and oppression until the body gives up on the difference between the two and gets caught up in the energy of change between them.

The choice to construct discourse in this form, a naked back in a space that oscillates from dark abyss to video projections, implies vulnerability. And vulnerability implies an assumed fragility, which allows focusing on the essence of the message: the destructive force of abuse of power.

Concept and choreography: Ioana Marchidan
Sound design: Alexandru Suciu
Video projections and poster: Hermina Stanciulescu
Light design: Hermina Stanciulescu
With: Ioana Marchidan
Production: LINOTIP


Loraine Dambermont is a Belgian artist based in Brussels working as a dancer and as a choreographer in Belgium and abroad. After graduating from Codarts and The Theaterschool – Academy of Dance and Arts in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, she focused on developing her own body language. By mixing several dance techniques; from Hip-hop to Contemporary dance, focusing mainly on popping and floor work, I work towards creating an explosive energy. In 2013, she won a choreographic prize with the duet Buy My City – a work in collaboration with Noora Hannula: a decisive encounter in her career. She has worked with The Nordic Beasts/Noora Hannula (Dk), Mute Comp. Physical theater (Dk), Michèle Anne De Mey (Be), Itamar Serussi (IL), Beppie Blankert (Nl), Etienne Rochefort (Fr) and recently Leslie Mannes (Be). She is currently touring internationally with her latest solo TOUJOURS DE 3/4 FACE! – selection Aerowaves Spring Forward 2023 – as well as working on her new work; second part of the project called MES ANNÉES BAGARRE, which has started in fall 2023. From October 2023, she is supported by BLOOM Project, which is in charge of production and distribution, based in Brussels.

Ioana Marchidan is a performer, choreographer and has been working with local and international choreographers and theater directors for more than 15 years. She attended the “Floria Capsali” Choreography High School, and began her career as a professional dancer at the Romanian National Opera. Later, he became one of the members of the Gigi Căciuleanu Romanian Dance Company. She has danced in shows created by Ioana Macarie, Chris Simion, Radu Afrim, Dragos Galgoțiu and has participated in international festivals such as  Aerowaves – The Place (UK), Keochang International Festival of Theater (KR), Cairo Experimental Theater Festival (EG), Aichi Worldwide Exhibition (JP), Francophone Festival (AU, JO, IT, PT), Festival d’Avignon (FR). In 2013 she was one of the performers of the Venice Biennale, An Immaterial Retrospective of the Venice Biennale (Alexandra Pirici & Manuel Pelmuș). Later, Ioana started to create her own choreographies: 2 contemporary womenReverse Discourse (project that is part of the E-MOTIONAL Residency at Forum Dança Lisbon) and Stabat Mater (Award for Best Performance at the Undercloud International Festival, Ro). Since 2016, she is the president of the Dance Spot Association and artistic director at Linotip – Independent Choreographic Center. She collaborates with subsTANZ / Massimo Gerardi and Tangaj Collective.

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