Collected Screams – BIDFF #9

  • Lecture performance
  • In the frame of BIDFF #9 – CLUSTERS | BIDFF EXPAND

65 min.


A voice is as singular as a fingerprint. When we scream, we catapult ourselves inside out, revealing that dimension of ourselves in between body and mind, maybe closest to our soul. “To open our mouth and let out sounds from a hole in the middle of our face”, revealing both our strongest power and deepest vulnerability.

In “collected screams”, Sarah Vanhee shares different uttered and non-uttered screams from scientific, philosophical, mythological, artistic and political backgrounds, moving from socially accepted, contextualized and collective screaming to darker, more intimate territories, uncontrolled leakages with no attempt at articulations, infinite screams.

She wonders why we did not scream when we could have screamed and, against the background of patriarchy, re-claims screaming as a tool, a weapon, as instant healing, as a way to unwind or means to express pain, excitement, fear, anger, joy or anything unspeakable. We deserve to scream.


Sarah Vanhee

is an internationally renowned artist, performer and author, whose work has been shown in major performing arts contexts for the past fifteen years, as well as in the visual arts, film and literature. Vanhee is known for her transdisciplinary and cross-sectoral work and for inventing new, original art forms, mostly in a dilettant manner. Her art is driven by radical imagination, which leads to the creation of radical new fictions, or the realization of radical interventions in reality. In addition, art is an instrument for her to bring underexposed narratives and non-dominant voices to the foreground.

Text and performance Sarah Vanhee
Language: English
Supported by Flanders State of the Art
Produced by: Manyone
Diffusion and tour management: Hiros
Thanks to: Britt Hatzius, Xiri Tara Noir, Flore Herman, Isabel de Navéran

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Supported by Conceptual Lab by Theo Nissim, Goethe Institut, Flanders State of the Art and sponsored by Mariage D’Or, Five Continents și Jarre by Alouette. 

Partners of the festival:  the French Institute in Romania (Cinema Elvire Popesco), CREART – the Center for Creation, Art and Tradition in Bucharest (The Film Garden – Cinema and More), the Contemporary Art Space Association (/SAC@MALMAISON), the National Center for Dance in Bucharest, Linotip – Independent Choreographic Centre, ADO Association – Art for Human Rights (Vârsta4 Centre), Residential Center for the Elderly “Amalia și Șef Rabin Dr. Moses Rosen”.

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